Bud Industries, Inc

 RoHS Policy


Bud Industries, Inc. (Bud) is committed to meeting the RoHS compliance for all of its products as soon as possible. 

In support of this effort, Bud has taken the following actions:  

  • The company has been working with its suppliers to identify components, materials and processes that are or will comply with RoHS requirements.
  • A very large majority of Bud’s existing products have already been identified as RoHS compliant (click here to see list by Bud part number).
  • All RoHS compliant products are identified on the product label with a mark “RoHS” on the label. Should you require RoHS label on compliant products produced prior to that date, we can so label for an extra charge.
  • Many of the products that are not identified with "RoHS" on the product label even though they are "RoHS" compliant. Please contact our factory for actual status based on the date code that is printed on the label. 
  • A small percent of products that are not in compliance primarily because of the hardware (screws, nuts, etc.) that is used to assemble the product or supplied with the product for customer use. On customer request, Bud can supply special order hardware, at a nominal fee, to make these products fully RoHS compliant.

Despite our best efforts, a small percent of Bud products are still not RoHS compliant because of the unavailability of compliant raw materials, components and hardware. Bud customer service can suggest alternative products for you that should meet your needs.

Bud claim for RoHS compliance is based on certification and data provided by Bud's vendors. Bud does not assume any liability for inaccuracy resulting from inaccurate information provided by its vendors. 


Rev. 3/19/2007