Electronica Musings on Electronic Enclosures

I have just returned from Electronica in Munich and was amazed by its size and scope.  There is nothing like it in the US, both for the breadth of products that are represented as well as for the numbers of companies who go to extremes to make an impact at the show.  From people demonstrating chips by dancing “Gangham” Style to race cars to Marilyn Monroe look alikes, this show has it all.  But what delights me is the impact that all components, especially Electronic Enclosures has in creating a truly whole industry.  It still attracts companies of all sizes, we are all still innovating, we are moving with the market as electronics becomes an innate part of our lives.  I listened to an economist forecasting the future of our industry and he noted that with areas such as medical electronics, products to provide support for the aging, information technology of all sorts, the future of our industry is even greater than it has been with the consumer electronics explosion.  For all of us, as we learn to develop new skills and new services, we will continue to evolve and lead the world economy.


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