Bud’s Snap Box, the Easiest to Use Plastic Enclosure

For those of us who live in Cleveland, we have been living through many very late nights as the Cavs battle the Warriors for the NBA title. With the games starting shortly after 9 and often going into overtime, it has not been atypical for the game to end close to midnight. Whether it’s been a good game or a disappointing one, the adrenaline does not slow down until even later and we are all struggling to get moving in the morning.

In my last blog, I talked about how easy Bud makes it for the engineer or buyer with our fast modification service and increased level of accessories. For those of us (and given the national ratings, I think it is more than those in Cleveland and the Bay area) who are sleep deprived, Bud’s efforts are much appreciated. One more area of simplification is that we also offer products that are just plain multi-purposed and easy to use. This is the case with our new Snap Boxes. These simple plastic enclosures consist of a top and bottom that just snap together. There is no need for hardware (that could get lost) or special tools. They come with pop-out cable holes, so there is often no need for extra drilling. They securely snap together but if the top needs to be removed, it is easy to do so with the blade of a screwdriver, or even a car key. The mounting bosses are included to easily allow for the installation of boards and they have molded in mounting ears. With 12 sizes and two colors standard, the applications for these boxes is endless.


So as you work to recoup from those long nights, discover that Bud has products that make both the box selection and installation of your components basic enough that any of us can do them in our “near” sleep.


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3 Responses to Bud’s Snap Box, the Easiest to Use Plastic Enclosure

  1. Cameron Corniuk says:

    The new plastic enclosure sure does sound easy. The NBA finals, however have been nothing like a snap for either team. Go Cavs!

  2. Paul says:

    Love the new products, but please, include the 3d files for your products online! Your competitors do it, and as a design engineer constantly sifting through different enclosures that may or may not fit, it is a pain to have to wait a day or longer to get the files from you guys.

    • mm Blair Haas says:

      Hi Paul. We are in the process of updating our website to make it mobile/responsive and as a part of the update, we will be adding the 3d/step files on many of our products. In the meantime, our goal is to get the drawings out per a customer request within 2 hours during the business day. I am glad that Bud information is so hard to wait for, but hopefully we’ll be up with the site soon. Again, thanks for your comment.

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