Bud’s Server Rack Offers Great Features at a Low Price

Customers often come to Bud for a specific design need such as a small factory automation enclosure but don’t realize the breadth of our offering for their next projects, such as a Server Rack.  In this and future blogs, we will focus on some of the more popular yet diverse products that Bud provides to the industry as a part of our 90th anniversary celebration.  We have been offering welded 19” cabinet racks for about 60 years and continue to provide the most innovative lines in industry today.  Our SRP series of server rack cabinets comes complete with many features that one only finds in a more expensive line at our amazingly low price.  Our sturdy welded construction can hold up to 1700 pounds of evenly distributed rack mounting equipment.  We know that ventilation is crucial in these racks so we include a fully ventilated locking front door and a fully ventilated split rear door with a solid triple point latching system.  Our two pairs of fully adjustable mounting rails have a unique notching system at each “u” increment to make installation of the component a breeze. 

Bud's Server Rack is a cost effective solution to your Server needs

Bud Industries Server Rack

 Among the many extras included at no charge are a fan box with 4 fans, four casters and levelers, vertical ventilated shelves (one in the 27u rack and 2 with all other sizes),  and 6 cable management brackets.  For installation purposes, the sides are easily removable and the open base allows for convenient cable access.  There are also covered slots in the top for additional cable access.  Best of all, it comes fully assembled and ready to use.  Available in three popular heights (27u. 42u and 45u) and two depths (36” and 44”), Bud’s SRP series of server racks are the perfect answer for any server installation.  Contact Bud or your local Bud distributor for immediate shipment.


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  1. Shubam says:

    Server racks are really a thing now, but many try to make them by themselves, one thing they do not know is that buying a server rack from a company has many advantages like they remove the stress of creating them by themselves, and they create it with the top of the line materials.

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