Celebrating Bud Industries Dedicated Employees

Last year, I wrote several blogs about our company’s 90th year celebration.  As you remember, we were founded by my grandfather in 1928 and have evolved through the years into the best known manufacturer of electronic enclosures.  One of the key reasons that we are still in business today is our dedicated staff.  In today’s LinkedIn world, achieving a ten year anniversary with a company is almost looked at askance as a situation where the employee is not aggressive enough about their career.  For Bud, the opposite is true.  Although we have increased our workforce significantly in the last few years and have had many long term employees retire, our average employee tenure is still 12 years.  Our sales team has been with us an average of 26 years.

This year, we will be celebrating one employee who has been with us for 45 years (George Helsius whom many of you know), 5 who have been a part of our team for 40 years, and one at 25.  Over 1/3 of our workforce has been with us for more than a quarter century.    It is also like a family here in many ways, as we have more than 10% of our workforce who had a parent who worked here and worked with them in their early years, several sets of siblings who work at Bud, and quite a few who met their spouse here.  A large number of our senior staff came to us right out of school and Bud has been the only “work home” that they have known.

Many companies can talk about how they are a great place to work.  We all know that all companies have their challenges, but we are extremely proud that our team has voted with its feet, making in many cases lifetime commitments to us and providing us with the great value of their experience and dedication.


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