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Bud’s Aluminum Relay Rack Balances Low Cost, High Strength, and Light Weight

When it comes to 19” Equipment Racks, it is amazing how simple features can make such a difference.  This is the case with Bud Industries Aluminum Relay Racks.  19” racking was developed by the telephone industry in the 1920’s to provide standardization for equipment mounting and also to save space.  As rapidly as the electronics industry evolves, this standard has stood the test of time for nearly 100 years.  A relay rack is the common name for a 2 post rack that is the simplest way to mount servers, power supplies or other rack mount equipment.   The racks are built in multiples of 1.75” (or “u’s) with holes drill on the EIA standard of ¾”, ¾”, ½”.  This standardization allows for any manufacturer’s equipment to be easily installed.

Bud's ARR-1272-NF is the ultimate server rack

Bud’s Aluminum Relay rack combines light weight with strength


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