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Bud Fiberglass Enclosures Don’t Deflate (sorry Belichick)

PIP Series

While the sports world is abuzz over whether Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or a mysterious stranger ordered the Patriot’s footballs to be somewhat deflated, deflation, or shrinkage, is also an issue with plastic enclosures. Polycarbonate, while very durable and damage resistant, has a tendency to shrink slightly as it cools, as do most plastics. However, there can be inconsistencies in the shrinkage process meaning that both draft angles of the sides and actual box dimensions can vary slightly from box to box. For most applications, this is not an issue as the variation is slight and the impact on equipment or boards being installed in the box are minimal. It can become an issue as holes are drilled in the sides and the draft angles may be slightly varied. When installing the connectors, they may not thread on a complete horizontal and unless the gasketing on the connector allows for this, there can be gaps in the protection.

Bud’s PIP Series is a polycarbonate box that also includes 10% fiberglass.  This provides for virtually no shrinkage in the cooling process, creating a more consistent box.  It also provides the “toughness” and UV protection of fiberglass yet still retains the visual appeal of polycarbonate.  It is  a UL508 Nema 4x rated IP67 enclosure which means that it is not only able to withstand water sprays but can be submerged as well.  All of this is available at a price that is below many competitive polycarbonate boxes.  Contact Bud Industries (  or your local Bud distributor for more details.  However the science of the Patriots deflated football evolves, rest assured that Bud Industries has solved the problem for plastic enclosures

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Flexibility in Enclosures – as in Bud’s Raspberry Pi sandwich enclosure


As we have mentioned in this blog before, Bud Industries recently celebrated its 85th anniversary.  There is something a bit disingenuous about a company that is so involved with the high-tech industry having survived and thrived as long as we have.  Often we have heard the story of a technology employee being considered old and near the end of their “desirable” employment by the time they are 30.   One can rapidly list the companies who missed the next step in the technology world and are no longer with us.  Having given this all a great deal of thought, I think one of the secrets to Bud’s longevity is the inherent flexibility of our products.   We have products that have been in our line since the 1930’s and what has changed is what they enclose as opposed to the need for totally new enclosures.  For example, a product that might have housed small tubes now can house boards. 

 A perfect example of this is our Pi Sandwich enclosure, designed for the first of the raspberry pi development boards.  Recently, the foundation released a completely new version of the pi, level B+.  It has many new features including more USB ports, a longer GPIO among others.  This means that the location of holes or slots required of an enclosure to fit the board have all changed, which might mean a new box would be needed.  However, because of the flexibility that we built into the box, the new version fits well and all features are easily accessible.  Read More >>

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Server Racks, Bud’s Asian View

Bud Industries Server Rack

Bud Industries Server Rack

I recently returned from my annual quick trip through Northeastern Asia.  It is hard to assimilate all of the variety of issues, both political and economic, that we saw.  One trend that we heard repeatedly is the shift in direction of the Chinese government towards military buildup and away from manufacturing.  We heard of increased taxes, reduced sales, and an overall sense of concern.  The Chinese manufacturers are not receiving some of the incentives as they traditionally did.  Yet, still many are growing and while there is much less building going on, there is still a strong effort to latch onto any business that they can. Read More >>

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Bud’s new PIP series combines the best of fiberglass and polycarbonate

PIP Series

There have been ongoing debates for years about the advantages of polycarbonate over fiberglass as a material for enclosures.  Both are great for NEMA/IP boxes, often being able to reach IP67 or IP68 ratings.  Here are a few advantages of each:

Polycarbonate is:

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Electronic Enclosure Reflections from 2013

As the year draws to a close, I cannot help but think back on what an eventful year we have had at Bud Industries.  From innovative new products to corporate milestones, 2013 has been a very good year for all of us at Bud.  Perhaps the highlight of 2013 was the introduction of the Board-ganizer.  This creative product solves several issues for the development board user: 

  1. It helps organize the workspace of the designer who is using several development boards such as raspberry pi, arduino, freescale freedom boards, and others or the various accessories that have sprung up for these products.
  2. It allows these boards to be mobile…to allow for the transportation of your boards easily without having to disconnect the cables or other components.

This product has been an overwhelming success with hobbyists, schools, and many companies.  It even led to a very clever film about how to use the Board-ganizer with the boards to create a fish tank controller and camera.  Check it out, it’s very funny. Read More >>

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Five Ways to Save Money on your Factory Floor Enclosure

In these challenging economic times, saving money has become an overriding concern in all product specification. In the selection of enclosures to use on the factory floor, there are five issues to consider insuring that you choose the most effective, but economical solution for your application.

1. Do you need NEMA protection at all? With factory floors increasingly clean, the need to protect sensitive equipment from dirt, dust, and liquids is significantly reduced. By specifying a traditional enclosure instead of a NEMA enclosure, the savings can be as much as 50-75%. Often, just an enclosure like the enclosure shown at right can provide enough protection at a very inexpensive price. Read More >>

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Basics of Enclosure Cooling White Paper

As electronic and power components are designed into denser, smaller packages, it becomes increasingly important to consider how well how well the equipment dissipates heat. Such equipment has specific operating temperature ranges and when put inside of cabinets and enclosures, temperature can become a big issue. Excessive waste heat generated by equipment within a cabinet is the single most important factor effecting equipment performance, reliability and failure. Cooling should be considered early in the design process. Having an effective cooling strategy can help in adequately dealing with heat dissipation.

Heat Transfer
Heat transfer takes place in one of three ways: through radiation, conduction and natural or forced convection. Heat transfer via radiation occurs through electromagnetic waves, an example being the sun’s energy reaching the earth. Heat can also be transferred through conduction between objects in contact; for instance, a microprocessor chip cooled using a heat sink, making direct contact with the chip. Read More >>

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5 Ways to Save Money and Time on MRO Purchases

In this economy, no one can afford downtime.  With customers ordering products with short time horizons, any delay risks losing that customer as they go to a competitor to meet their needs.  At the same time, we are all being pressured by cost restraints and the requirement of saving every penny we can to remain not only competitive, but in reality, in business.

All too often, the enclosure is not considered until the last minute in any repair, the focus going on the active components.  This can lead to a quick decision that often negates many cost savings in other areas.  Therefore, we have developed five ways to save money on your enclosure purchase that will also allow you to be better prepared and reduce downtime. Read More >>

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Bud Industries Announces Raspberry Pi Case

“Pi Sandwich” Raspberry Pi case has wide cutouts to accommodate potential changes in component location and additional ports

Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of plastic enclosures for electronics, announced an affordable case for the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card size microcomputer created to help kids learn programming. Made of two identical halves that fit together, the Bud “Pi Sandwich” case has windows on four sides, allowing easy access to ports for keyboard, TV/video, audio, USB, and LAN connections that need to be accessible when the case is closed.

Unlike other cases, the Bud case has a patented-design in which the windows are oversized to accommodate future versions of the Raspberry Pi board if port locations change or if new ports are added. Without cutting holes in the case, users can use flat cable connectors to attach an LCD screen or keyboard and use I/O ports for various applications, such as sending power or commands to a DC motor, another computer, or a robot. Read More >>

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Bud Industries Releases SA Series Open Rack Equipment Shelves for Convenient, Reliable Storage

Open rack equipment shelves fit 19- and 23-inch wide panel spaces and can support up to 150 pounds

Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of enclosure and rack equipment, has announced the SA Series Open Rack Shelves. Constructed of 16-gauge steel and flanged for extra support, these highly durable shelves can support up to 150 pounds of rack equipment.

Available for next day shipping, the SA Series shelves fit open racks with 19- and 23-inch wide panel spaces and 5.25 inches of panel height. Using the included mounting hardware, the shelves easily mount into any vendor’s open relay rack to provide convenient, reliable access to the rack equipment. To view a variety of open racks that are compatible with the SA Series, visit: Read More >>

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