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Bud’s Extruded Enclosure Offers Maximum Versatility


Today, new products drive our industry. With enclosures, while the technology is often unchanged, the visuals demand updating on a regular basis. For customers, as they introduce new designs, they look for more than functionality in an enclosure, but also a sense of style that will distinguish their product. In response to these trends, Bud has introduced a new extruded box line, the EXN, that has it all, great price, a variety of styles and colors, light weight, and a broad range of applications.

The EXN is made from extruded aluminum and comes in an incredible 17 sizes ranging from 2.7 x 1.4 x 2 to 7 x 2.25 x 8.   Each size comes in 5 anodized colors (black, blue, silver, red, and gold) and each color comes with two types of endcaps, die cast aluminum and plastic. The grooved design has two advantages, it assists in heat removal and it allows for optional pc boards to slide into place. Also unique to Bud, the gaskets that quickly pop into place, seals the boxes to an impressive level of IP66. The top is recessed to allow for labeling or printing. Their design also allows for easy modifications which Bud can do as a part of our industry leading 5 day modification program. Contact your local Bud Distributor for more information on these versatile products.

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The AN-A IP68 Die Cast Box…Making a Good Thing Even Better

It is a well-worn bit of advice to never “mess with a good thing.” For many, when you’ve got a long term great selling product, making adjustments can be a risk, potentially alienating your core customer base. However, we recently saw an opportunity to improve on one of our best selling products and we jumped at the chance. Our AN series of NEMA 4 and 4x die cast boxes has been  a great selling line for us for over 15 years. They have a low price point, provide light weight yet strong protection, and are easy to modify to allow for the installation of components such as connectors, switches and displays. There was only one minor inconvenience, the “string” gasket could be a bit time consuming to install.

Bud is very proud to introduce the next generation AN box, designated with a “-A” suffix. Not only does it come with a cut to size, drop into place gasket, but it also meets IP68. This means that it is the first die cast box in the industry to be able to be submerged at more than 1 meter of water for more than an hour. In fact, we tested the product at a depth of 6 feet for more than 24 hours and it passed the stringent UL testing with flying colors. These boxes will be introduced beginning later this month with a complete transition of the Bud inventory by February 1. We are very excited about the new markets that this modification opens up for us and for our customers and we look forward to hearing about many successful applications. As always, check with us or your favorite Bud distributor for more details.

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Discovering Bud Industries’ Steel NEMA Enclosures


When I think of the word discovery, the name that jumps into my mind is NASA. While today they are thought of for the research done on Saturn’s rings, or the proposed manned trips to Mars, for some of us, NASA will always be tied to the lunar missions of the 60’s, leading up to the first lunar landing in 1969. We, at Bud, were proud to have been a part of the NASA family, supplying products that ranged from the early control desks to enclosures that were carried by the astronauts encasing key equipment. For us, it was not only a technological achievement but also an indicator of our diverse capabilities and offerings. We are still a valued NASA supplier today.

Much as NASA is all about discovery, our customers are always discovering new products and opportunities as here at Bud we have the enclosure to fit their needs. Many know us for a specific segment of our product line, such as large 19” cabinet racks, but are unaware of the significant increases in NEMA steel enclosures that have become an important part of our offering. These IP66 enclosures come both in standard and stainless steel and provide a cost effective solution to your needs for a protected component. Customers in fields as diverse as automation controls, medical, oil and gas, and transportation have discovered the value of these Bud steel cabinets. With great features, and with Bud’s rapid modification program (often as little as 5 days), large local stock and amazing pricing, create your own discoveries using this or other Bud boxes and cabinets.

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Bud Industries Website Eases Product Selection and Acquisition

product selector 1

In today’s fast paced world, the selection and acquisition of components can be a real time drag as the component options increase and the internet is overloaded with alternatives. In the search for enclosures, Bud Industries has eased the process, making it as simple as a few clicks. Bud has done this through two additions to their website in the last few months, an industry leading search by size tool and the addition of a new stock checking widget. A simple demonstration will show how simple this can be.

Let us assume that the engineer would like a NEMA 4x Die cast Aluminum box that is roughly 6 x 4.25 x 3 inches. Bud’s unique product selector has sliders that allow for a range of sizes to be selected. It also allows for a selection by materials or ratings. The results are displayed with product photos, allowing for an even easier selection. See the photo labeled product selector. Read More >>

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Five Things to Consider When Selecting Enclosures for Energy Applications

As governments encourage companies to get ‘greener’, more company product teams are designing electronics for use in photovoltaic solar power systems, wind turbines and other equipment used in alternative energy. Even traditional energy systems, which use electronics to control, monitor and consolidate the flow of electricity, are in demand as the global industrial expansion continues. With the emergence of the smart grid, the need for electronics will only accelerate. Purchasing agents, therefore, should understand the special needs of selecting enclosures for the unique needs of the energy industry.

The proper selection of an enclosure can make a significant difference in the success or failure of a product, both from a design standpoint and from a marketing perspective. In the push to develop products, purchasers often overlook the enclosure until the end of the design cycle when they can’t give their choice of enclosure the attention it deserves. To assist in this crucial process, this article offers five issues to consider when selecting enclosures for energy applications. Read More >>

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Stainless Steel Enclosures – Worth the Price?

It is often a challenge to choose the right material for an enclosure.  There are many considerations including location of the enclosure, desired visuals, protection levels, durability and, of course, price.  In the upcoming series of blogs, we will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of different materials to help in the selection process.  We will start with Stainless steel enclosures which are a great approach to outdoor or hazardous applications.  Typically made out of 304 stainless, it is impervious to scratches or dents that will cause a powder coated unit to rust or corrode.   Stainless will typically meet IP 65 and sometimes IP66, and NEMA ratings 1, 2, 4, 4x,12, and 13.  It also has the benefits of typical steel that can withstand a rugged environment and won’t crack or chip as plastic might.  Finally, stainless is also a logical choice when there are concerns about contamination where sterilization may be required as there is no texture to the finish that can be difficult to clean.

As with all material choices for enclosures, there are tradeoffs.  The downside of Stainless is its price.  Typically, it is the most expensive NEMA enclosure; it can cost several times the price of plastics and two to three times the price of a traditional steel enclosure.  Therefore, the specifier has to weigh the impervious nature of stainless with the cost to determine if the environment requires that type of solution.  One advantage of Bud is that our stainless enclosures are significantly lower priced than the competition.  We tend to see stainless in situations such as oil fields, medical equipment, or where the equipment enclosed is so valuable that the protection is worth the extra cost. Otherwise, standard steel or various plastics might be a better choice.   Check this site next week for our next material review

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Enclosures that Offer Great Value

When selecting an enclosure, often an engineer is focused on the aesthetics of the box, looking to the “shell” to help create an attractive device to promote in the market.  This is especially true in a consumer type product where marketing is as important as design features.  But there are many instances where all that is required is a strong enclosure to provide protection for the sensitive equipment inside.  For a smaller box, one of the most cost effective yet durable solutions is a die cast aluminum enclosure.  Die casting is a low cost operation that produces a product that provides a large level of protection from external damage, yet often comes with great features such as molded in pcb mounting slots and offsets.  The come in versions that include NEMA or watertight enclosure gasket or even protection against EMI/RFI.  While they are tough, they are relatively easy to modify for holes, cutouts or even powdered or silk screened.  Bud offers all of these versions plus options for welded or molded mounting brackets.  For many, it becomes important not to just look at the visuals, but to evaluate all of the electronic enclosure options to determine the best overall value to the project.

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