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Bud Fiberglass Enclosures Don’t Deflate (sorry Belichick)

PIP Series

While the sports world is abuzz over whether Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or a mysterious stranger ordered the Patriot’s footballs to be somewhat deflated, deflation, or shrinkage, is also an issue with plastic enclosures. Polycarbonate, while very durable and damage resistant, has a tendency to shrink slightly as it cools, as do most plastics. However, there can be inconsistencies in the shrinkage process meaning that both draft angles of the sides and actual box dimensions can vary slightly from box to box. For most applications, this is not an issue as the variation is slight and the impact on equipment or boards being installed in the box are minimal. It can become an issue as holes are drilled in the sides and the draft angles may be slightly varied. When installing the connectors, they may not thread on a complete horizontal and unless the gasketing on the connector allows for this, there can be gaps in the protection.

Bud’s PIP Series is a polycarbonate box that also includes 10% fiberglass.  This provides for virtually no shrinkage in the cooling process, creating a more consistent box.  It also provides the “toughness” and UV protection of fiberglass yet still retains the visual appeal of polycarbonate.  It is  a UL508 Nema 4x rated IP67 enclosure which means that it is not only able to withstand water sprays but can be submerged as well.  All of this is available at a price that is below many competitive polycarbonate boxes.  Contact Bud Industries (  or your local Bud distributor for more details.  However the science of the Patriots deflated football evolves, rest assured that Bud Industries has solved the problem for plastic enclosures

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Bud’s new PIP series combines the best of fiberglass and polycarbonate

PIP Series

There have been ongoing debates for years about the advantages of polycarbonate over fiberglass as a material for enclosures.  Both are great for NEMA/IP boxes, often being able to reach IP67 or IP68 ratings.  Here are a few advantages of each:

Polycarbonate is:

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It Takes a Tough Team to Make Great NEMA 4 Enclosures


Here at Bud Industries, we are learning a lot about resilience.  On November 8, our Ohio factory was hit by a freak storm/wind gust that not only took off portions of the office room, but also blew out windows, our front door, and our receiving dock door.  Roof leaks were everywhere, carpeting was ruined, and even some walls were soaked.  Fortunately, the factory was relatively unscathed.  While emergency repairs were done, we have learned that you need 6-8 days of temperatures above the low 40’s to be able to effectively install a roof.  Enter Mother Nature again, with one of the coldest winters on record in the Cleveland area.  As we enter month 4 of the wait for warmer temperatures, I have been amazed at how readily the Bud team has adapted to raw floors where the carpeting has been removed, buckets everywhere, dripping ceilings whenever it warms above freezing (fortunately, not very often), and the nightly ritual of covering our desks with plastic.  We have learned to combat the elements and can only look longingly forward to spring and the eventual repairs. 

It is ironic, therefore, that our fastest growing product area is NEMA 4 enclosures.  Bud now has one of the widest arrays of NEMA 4 boxes available in the industry today.  From die cast to fiberglass, from polycarbonate to steel and stainless steel, Bud’s rugged offerings provide complete protection for your electronic equipment at a price that is well below the industry average.  Virtually all are UL tested and rated and many now provide IP67 protection, allowing for heavy sprays of water or liquids as well as submersion.  Whether your application is on the factory floor or on a rooftop, Bud can provide you with the perfect alternative to the high priced boxes that you may have purchased in the past.  In fact, Bud’s stainless steel boxes are priced so low that they compete with others painted boxes, or even those that are non-NEMA.  Contact your favorite Bud distributor today for more details or check out our website.  Bud has proven that it takes a tough group of employees to make the very best in tough enclosures

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Enclosure Training in the North

I recently had the opportunity to go to one of our major distributors, Digi-Key, to train their technical sales team.  It was a fairly intense time with six 30 minute sessions focusing on our products with a special emphasis on our NEMA enclosures and our Five Day Modification Program.   What impressed me was the caliber of the people.  People often joke about Digi-Key’s location in upstate Minnesota where in January you can go for long periods of time with the temperature remaining below zero.  But what they really have is a team of people who understand the company, its mission and its culture.  They are bright, motivated, curious, and eager to learn.  While enclosures are not the most “sexy” components in the industry, they quickly understood how the product related to what they are doing and how it increases the value of the sale.  It was a very energizing experience and one that explains why our industry continues to grow and evolve.

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Bud NEMA Enclosures Unique Product in Use

We thought that we had heard of all of the potential unique applications for Bud enclosures.  With the advent of our NEMA enclosures that are sealed to keep out water and other environmental conditions, we were inundated with unique product in use stories.  Many of these were farming related such as one that tracks the fertility and production of chickens, improving egg output and advising farmers when a chicken is not meeting expectations.  Several were related to pest spraying such as the unit that could be set to fumigate your yard at a specific time so that you can enjoy the outdoors bug free as you return from work.

Recently, our sales service team received a call from a distraught gentlemen seeking to buy one of our plastic NEMA 4x enclosures from the NBF series.  He had some questions about the size and the ability to get it quickly.  Apparently, he had just lost his pet dog and was needed a “casket” rapidly.  Our NBF series was the perfect size to ease his pup’s journey into the hereafter.  He was referred to one of our distributors who had the inventory and would ship the same day.  Although it is an unusual story, we have also mourned the loss of a beloved pet.  We were glad that our products could provide some sense of comfort for them and that our service and broad offering could help them in their time of need.  There is never an end to the applications for a Bud enclosure.

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Five Ways to Save Money on your Factory Floor Enclosure

In these challenging economic times, saving money has become an overriding concern in all product specification. In the selection of enclosures to use on the factory floor, there are five issues to consider insuring that you choose the most effective, but economical solution for your application.

1. Do you need NEMA protection at all? With factory floors increasingly clean, the need to protect sensitive equipment from dirt, dust, and liquids is significantly reduced. By specifying a traditional enclosure instead of a NEMA enclosure, the savings can be as much as 50-75%. Often, just an enclosure like the enclosure shown at right can provide enough protection at a very inexpensive price. Read More >>

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Five Things to Consider When Selecting Enclosures for Energy Applications

As governments encourage companies to get ‘greener’, more company product teams are designing electronics for use in photovoltaic solar power systems, wind turbines and other equipment used in alternative energy. Even traditional energy systems, which use electronics to control, monitor and consolidate the flow of electricity, are in demand as the global industrial expansion continues. With the emergence of the smart grid, the need for electronics will only accelerate. Purchasing agents, therefore, should understand the special needs of selecting enclosures for the unique needs of the energy industry.

The proper selection of an enclosure can make a significant difference in the success or failure of a product, both from a design standpoint and from a marketing perspective. In the push to develop products, purchasers often overlook the enclosure until the end of the design cycle when they can’t give their choice of enclosure the attention it deserves. To assist in this crucial process, this article offers five issues to consider when selecting enclosures for energy applications. Read More >>

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41 Years

This week, we had a milestone in Bud Industries history.  Ravi Jain, our Director of Engineering, retired after 41 years with our company.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about Ravi’s contributions to our company and also about the other implications of this moment.  Ravi was the person who moved us into NEMA enclosures with his work with both Asian and domestic vendors.  He developed products made from die cast aluminum, abs plastic, polycarbonate, steel, and fiberglass.  Due to his efforts, we have products being manufactured in the best facilities in the world proving great products at incredible prices.  His impact is felt in every aspect of our business from IT to sales.

His retirement also gave me the opportunity to reflect on business and loyalty today. Many people suggest that loyalty like Ravi’s is a thing of the past, and perhaps it is.  But what is not a “thing of the past” is the need of both the company and the employee to work in an environment that respects and encourages innovation at all levels.  People like Ravi allow a company to survive and grow in our ever evolving world.  I hope each of you have a Ravi in your professional life and let that person know how much you value their contributions.

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Hot Days Generate Hot Thoughts on Protection

As we go through one of the hottest and driest summers in Cleveland history and throughout the country, we all are looking for ways to be protected from the sun, heat, and those rare thunderstorms.  Whether it be to crank up the air conditioning, hit the beach, or find a few appropriate refreshments, we seek a level of comfort and he

alth safety.  It reminds me of the value of our NEMA enclosures.  I am often fascinated with the diversity of our customer base and how many different types of end products need NEMA protection.  One of my favorites is Beco Dairy, a company that has developed products to promote and monitor cow milking.  The product that uses our pn series polycarbonate NEMA 4x enclosure generates an alarm if anything goes wrong in the milking process including slowing of pulsation, reduction of milk output and any other concern.  The idea is to develop the balance between high output and proper care of the cow. Read More >>

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The Top 10 Issue in Selecting Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Choosing an enclosure is typically considered to be an easy task.  Review the sizes of the components that are to be enclosed, determine the basic dimensions required, check on the aesthetics, and select the right box.  When evaluating the enclosure needs in a harsh environment, the decision becomes more complex and meaningful as the wrong choice can be fatal to the end product.  Below is a quick review of 10 issues to consider when selecting an enclosure for use in a more challenging location.

  1. How Harsh is Harsh?  The selection of protection levels can significantly impact the product choice
  2. Do all Component need to be protected?
  3. Does the box need to meet outdoor/UV requirements?
  4. How will the electronics be vented/cooled?
  5. How heavy is the equipment being installed and are there any restrictions to the weight that the overall product can be.
  6. How are the components going to be mounted?
  7. How is the enclosure going to be mounted?
  8. What are the aesthetics involved.
  9. Price is closely related to aesthetics and materials. .
  10. Plan for modifications.

While the technology involved with enclosures is relatively simple, the need to make smart choices remains important.  A quick application of the above checklist will insure that the balance between the best protection and the best price will be optimal.  And in all situations, remember that Bud is ready to provide assistance at every step of the way with a large selection of NEMA enclosures

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