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Bud’s Board-Ganizer Cleans up in the Development Board Market

The Bud Board-ganizer was introduced this year as a totally unique solution to a frequent engineering/developer problem.  When working with multiple development boards, the logistics of organizing the workspace and gaining capabilities to move the product without damage are daunting.  The Board-ganizer is a simple and elegant solution to this challenge by using double stick pads to attach the boards and breadboards, and then marrying them together in a foldable enclosure.  There are videos that show this process well.

This week, Design News gave the board-ganizer a glowing review.   In fact, the reviewer has said that he is planning to use one for his next project….the best review of all.  In addition, I chatted with various Newark Electronics sales people today who have been approaching universities with increasing success about outfitting their student labs with these enclosures.  The response has been overwhelming.  They reported that their unit sales on the product are doubling each month. Read More >>

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Bud NEMA Enclosures Unique Product in Use

We thought that we had heard of all of the potential unique applications for Bud enclosures.  With the advent of our NEMA enclosures that are sealed to keep out water and other environmental conditions, we were inundated with unique product in use stories.  Many of these were farming related such as one that tracks the fertility and production of chickens, improving egg output and advising farmers when a chicken is not meeting expectations.  Several were related to pest spraying such as the unit that could be set to fumigate your yard at a specific time so that you can enjoy the outdoors bug free as you return from work.

Recently, our sales service team received a call from a distraught gentlemen seeking to buy one of our plastic NEMA 4x enclosures from the NBF series.  He had some questions about the size and the ability to get it quickly.  Apparently, he had just lost his pet dog and was needed a “casket” rapidly.  Our NBF series was the perfect size to ease his pup’s journey into the hereafter.  He was referred to one of our distributors who had the inventory and would ship the same day.  Although it is an unusual story, we have also mourned the loss of a beloved pet.  We were glad that our products could provide some sense of comfort for them and that our service and broad offering could help them in their time of need.  There is never an end to the applications for a Bud enclosure.

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Bud Develops Electronic Enclosure For Freescale Freedom Platform

The Freescale™ Freedom Development Platform Model FRDM-KL25Z is a development platform designed to work with other minicomputers such as the raspberry PI and other development boards such as the Arduino Uno. Bud’s new FBB-3665 enclosure has been manufactured to fit the Freedom Platform and is made of four separate parts (top, bottom, front, and rear panels.)  We have created accessibility in the front panel to allow connection to KL25Z USB, Open SDA USB and the reset button. The side slot is designed to accommodate flat cables from both IO header banks and the PCB can be removed without removing the cables.  There are round knockout plugs to accommodate optional miniature cable glands (NG-9511).  Plus, it is well ventilated to allow heat to escape. This enclosure has added to our board development driven enclosure line which includes our PS-11591 Pi Sandwich and PP-11594 Pi Plate for the Raspberry PI programming board.  Check out our video on this exciting enclosure.

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41 Years

This week, we had a milestone in Bud Industries history.  Ravi Jain, our Director of Engineering, retired after 41 years with our company.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about Ravi’s contributions to our company and also about the other implications of this moment.  Ravi was the person who moved us into NEMA enclosures with his work with both Asian and domestic vendors.  He developed products made from die cast aluminum, abs plastic, polycarbonate, steel, and fiberglass.  Due to his efforts, we have products being manufactured in the best facilities in the world proving great products at incredible prices.  His impact is felt in every aspect of our business from IT to sales.

His retirement also gave me the opportunity to reflect on business and loyalty today. Many people suggest that loyalty like Ravi’s is a thing of the past, and perhaps it is.  But what is not a “thing of the past” is the need of both the company and the employee to work in an environment that respects and encourages innovation at all levels.  People like Ravi allow a company to survive and grow in our ever evolving world.  I hope each of you have a Ravi in your professional life and let that person know how much you value their contributions.

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Hot Days Generate Hot Thoughts on Protection

As we go through one of the hottest and driest summers in Cleveland history and throughout the country, we all are looking for ways to be protected from the sun, heat, and those rare thunderstorms.  Whether it be to crank up the air conditioning, hit the beach, or find a few appropriate refreshments, we seek a level of comfort and he

alth safety.  It reminds me of the value of our NEMA enclosures.  I am often fascinated with the diversity of our customer base and how many different types of end products need NEMA protection.  One of my favorites is Beco Dairy, a company that has developed products to promote and monitor cow milking.  The product that uses our pn series polycarbonate NEMA 4x enclosure generates an alarm if anything goes wrong in the milking process including slowing of pulsation, reduction of milk output and any other concern.  The idea is to develop the balance between high output and proper care of the cow. Read More >>

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Electronic Distribution Show Update

We recently attended the Electronic Distribution Show in Las Vegas in its new location at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  As a new “hot spot” in Vegas, it drew a huge crowd to the show and to our meetings.  The highlight of our presentations there was Bud’s new push towards solution selling, the concept that we are acquiring equipment and programs that will allow us to create a complete solution for our customer’s enclosure requirements.

We also introduced our unique solutions to enclosure the raspberry pi microcomputer, our pi plate and pi sandwich.  Developed with the flexibility to adapt to board component location changes, these raspberry pi cases allow for easy cable management, quick board installation, and rapid adjustments.  With their translucent raspberry colored plastic finish, board activities can be monitored externally.  Be sure to view the videos on our website, and to look for all of the product details. Read More >>

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Raspberry Pi Case – a Lesson in Creativity

By now, most of you have heard of the Raspberry Pi, a small micro-computer that is the size of a credit card.  Developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation with the mission of teaching students more about electronics, it has become a worldwide sensation.  Priced at only $35, it sold out its first 10,000 piece run in less than 30 minutes, impacting its distributors’ web sites!  However, the board was “naked” with no suggested method for enclosing it. Bud stepped in to fill the void with a Raspberry Pi case!

There were a few challenges with developing this enclosure, the greatest being that the components on the board could be moved as the project evolved, eliminating a traditional approach of a plastic box with access holes.  Bud developed two Raspberry Pi case options to solve the problem.  The first, called a “Pi Sandwich” is a simple rectangular box with open sides.  The board snaps into clips to raise it off the base, and then cables and connectors can be attached through the sides.  This solution is perfect for those who only need basic protection and will plan to plug and unplug the cables frequently Read More >>

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NEMA 4 Plastic Boxes Provide Productivity Boost

It has been an exciting week here at Bud.  We are installing a new Customer Relations Manager system (CRM), we have just installed a new second generation VOIP phone system, and have begun to enjoy the fruits of our new automated warehouse system.  Change is all around us as we all seek advantages in this tight market to insure that we are able to be competitive, build the best products, and most of all, bring them to the market rapidly and efficiently.

When I think of change, I think about how many of our customers are involved with automating functions that allow the US to continue to be the most productive country in the world.  I recently was involved with an account that creates products used in the dairy industry, automating milk production by tracking the flow of milk, the quality of milk, and the care of the livestock.  One of their many products uses one of our NEMA 4 plastic boxes to protect these controls in the less than pristine environment that is a barn.  Fully gasketed, manufactured from durable polycarbonate, the pn series of plastic enclosures is one of our top sellers due to the durability of plastic and the consistency of our stocking position.  The combination of low price and high quality attracted them to our units and as their product has evolved over time, they have continued to use this box in their production process.  We  look forward to sharing with you many such product applications as we continue to learn that the demand for Bud product can be limitless.

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