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Bud’s Server Rack Offers Great Features at a Low Price

Customers often come to Bud for a specific design need such as a small factory automation enclosure but don’t realize the breadth of our offering for their next projects, such as a Server Rack.  In this and future blogs, we will focus on some of the more popular yet diverse products that Bud provides to the industry as a part of our 90th anniversary celebration.  We have been offering welded 19” cabinet racks for about 60 years and continue to provide the most innovative lines in industry today.  Our SRP series of server rack cabinets comes complete with many features that one only finds in a more expensive line at our amazingly low price.  Our sturdy welded construction can hold up to 1700 pounds of evenly distributed rack mounting equipment.  We know that ventilation is crucial in these racks so we include a fully ventilated locking front door and a fully ventilated split rear door with a solid triple point latching system.  Our two pairs of fully adjustable mounting rails have a unique notching system at each “u” increment to make installation of the component a breeze. 

Bud's Server Rack is a cost effective solution to your Server needs

Bud Industries Server Rack


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Five Questions to Ask When Specifying a Server Rack

Bud's Server Rack is a cost effective solution to your Server needs

Bud Industries Server Rack

Engineers who spend their days designing the best in electronics are often panicked when they are asked to specify a Server Rack.   It is really quite a different skill, moving away from their expertise and into a more physical and mechanical world.  To make their job easier, we have compiled five simple questions to ask to insure that they are as successful in this selection as they are in their typical day-to-day work. Read More >>

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Bud’s Cabinet Racks Production Impresses

BUD BRP Cabinet Rack

I recently returned from a trip to China to visit out factories there. One of the highlights was to see the improved production techniques at our cabinet rack facility near Shanghai. While in the US we often hear of poor working conditions at Chinese factories, I was impressed with what I saw. Lighting had been improved, ventilation was plentiful even on a hot, muggy day, and their work hours were now broken up during the day with a 1.5 hour lunch that allows the people to truly rest and get refreshed. This type of extended lunch period has become more typical in China as we saw it at many factories that we visited. We could see a much more content work force and improved productivity. There just was not the decline in productivity in the afternoon that is often evident in a manufacturing facility

 The Bud BRP series has always been a great choice for any 19” cabinet rack mounting requirement. Not only is it solidly built with a 1200 lb. weight load capacity, but it comes with so many extra features and accessories to make the buying process simple. Included in the standard product is a metal front door, 1 or 2 shelves depending on the height, an installed fan tray, and casters and levelers. The stylish cabinet comes fully assembled and ready to go upon receipt. Best of all, it is priced below most competitive products which come without the included accessories. These racks are in stock today and available from your local Bud distributor.

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Server Racks, Bud’s Asian View

Bud Industries Server Rack

Bud Industries Server Rack

I recently returned from my annual quick trip through Northeastern Asia.  It is hard to assimilate all of the variety of issues, both political and economic, that we saw.  One trend that we heard repeatedly is the shift in direction of the Chinese government towards military buildup and away from manufacturing.  We heard of increased taxes, reduced sales, and an overall sense of concern.  The Chinese manufacturers are not receiving some of the incentives as they traditionally did.  Yet, still many are growing and while there is much less building going on, there is still a strong effort to latch onto any business that they can. Read More >>

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Our Server Racks Provide Extra Features at a Low Price


Years ago, futurists and experts determined that electronic cabinet racks would gradually cease to exist as the push towards miniaturization continued its relentless pace forward.  Like so many expert opinions, this one has proven to be totally false.  While more and more capacity will fit on a chip, and the population of a board has continued to expand, they overlooked the demand for greater capabilities and speed.  Today, the demand for 19” cabinet racks continues to grow as server farms and others expect high quality mounting capabilities for their ever increasing requirements.

Bud Industries first introduced welded cabinet racks back in 1959 and has led the industry ever since.   With a broad range of products providing variations in features and price points, Bud can meet almost any demand, most from stock.  Recently, Bud has added a line of racks, its Server Professional Series, that not only comes with the features of the best outfitted server racks, but its pricing is significantly lower than almost any on the market. Read More >>

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