NEMA Glands Complete Bud’s Enclosure Offerings

Bud has a complete offering of Cable Glands

Cable Glands come in all sizes to meet customer specific needs

While most immediately think of Bud Industries when they have an enclosure need, people often don’t think of Bud for the final touches such as NEMA Glands.  So what is a NEMA cable gland?  Put simply, when a hole is drilled in a box for cable access, the assembler needs a way to protect the interior and integrity of the box while still installing the cabling.  The cable gland is that device Read More >>

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A New Year of Trends in Electronic Enclosures

A NEMA and IP rated enclosure that provides strong protection at a value price

As the New Year begins, many are asking us what the latest trends in electronic enclosures are.  While one of the great advantages of these products is that they are so flexible that they can be adapted to almost any internal components, like any other manufacturer, we look to always improve how we are meeting the customers’ needs.  Many of the trends we are seeing this year are logical extension of prior products but with newer features.  Here is a listing of what we see as the most exciting new directions for 2017. Read More >>

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Modified Enclosures, a 44 year perspective

Always think of Bud for your modified enclosure needs

Today, a modified enclosure is standard at Bud Industries

The year 2016 marked my 44th year at Bud Industries and what is most interesting is how we have continued to reinvent ourselves, most recently with our focus on modified enclosures.  When I joined the company, large cabinet racks were the driver of our business.  We had no plastic products, did not participate in the NEMA market, and we did not really modify products, only building custom products in very large quantities to order.  If I look back through the years, we reinvented our mission and strategy frequently, often on a 5-7 year interval yet always remaining true to our core values.  In any business, remaining static seems like the safe route, but in reality, it is the path towards a slow sinking death.  Read More >>

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Rapidly Design a Modified Electronic Enclosure

Buying a modified electronic enclosure can be an intimidating task for any engineer.  Yet for virtually every application, at least with a smaller enclosure, some modification will be required.  It can be as simple as needing a hole for a connector or cable access to a totally unique design dictated by the application components and even the location.  Fortunately, the need for a complete special has been reduced over time by the broad array of standard products that we, at Bud Industries, offer, as well as those created by our competitors.  Yet still, the process of creating a modified enclosure seems daunting as concerns arise over the demands of the internal components and their rapid assembly.  To simplify the process, Bud has developed an Electronic Enclosure Modification Planning Guide based on our industry leading five day delivery program. 

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Five Questions to Ask When Specifying a Server Rack

Bud's Server Rack is a cost effective solution to your Server needs

Bud Industries Server Rack

Engineers who spend their days designing the best in electronics are often panicked when they are asked to specify a Server Rack.   It is really quite a different skill, moving away from their expertise and into a more physical and mechanical world.  To make their job easier, we have compiled five simple questions to ask to insure that they are as successful in this selection as they are in their typical day-to-day work. Read More >>

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Trends in Electronic Enclosures at Electronica


Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP electronic enclosures

Once again, I attended the Electronica Show in Munich, checking out what is new in Electronic Enclosures.  My company, Bud Industries, is in the early stages of its international expansion, and Electronica presents a unique opportunity to learn about the differences in the EMEA market versus the North American.  While one would think that an enclosure is an enclosure and providing the best protection of electronic equipment would be consistent, that is not always true.  Read More >>

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BUD’s NEMA 4 Enclosures Keep You Connected

Installed under the seats at a stadium, these NEMA 4 Enclosures are the perfect way to protect the electronics

Installed under the seats at a stadium, these NEMA 4 Enclosures are the perfect way to protect the electronics

While all of us in Cleveland are caught up in Indians Fever, it is exciting for us to realize that one of our NEMA 4 enclosures makes the live experience at many stadiums so much better.  It was not too long ago that if you attended a large sporting event, you could forget using your cell phone as the nearby tower would be jammed and reception would be non-existent.  For all of us who go through withdrawal at the slightest hiccup in our service, attending a game of any sort became a nightmare.  It began to impact attendance but also impacted the efforts of the teams to increase their social media exposure.  How could fans tweet their photo to the kiss cam? Read More >>

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How to Save Money on your IP Rated Enclosure

BUD's PTS series is a low cost IP67 enclosure

BUD’s PTS series is a low cost IP67 enclosure

With customers always pushing for cost reductions, saving money has become an overriding concern in all product specification.  In the selection of an IP rated enclosure to use on the factory floor, there are five issues to consider insuring that you choose the most effective, but economical solution for your application.  Read More >>

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Plethora of NEMA Box Options with Bud


Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP boxes

For many customers, if they are thinking that they need a NEMA Box, or ip rated enclosure, the vendor choice can vary based on the materials.  Some vendors specialize in polycarbonate NEMA, some in steel, others in fiberglass.  This makes researching the best option for an application even more difficult as the engineer goes from site to site, orders sample after sample, and struggles through the hype to reach an answer.  At Bud, we make it easy for you.  As a vendor of all major types of NEMA boxes, we become the one-stop shop for all of the significant product types. Read More >>

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Breadboards From Bud Industries?

Everyone knows that Bud is the industry’s favored supplier of electronic enclosures, but did you know that Bud is now a top supplier of  Breadboards as well?  Bud first approached this market with several enclosures for the raspberry pi development board a few years back.  Recognizing the breadth of customer base following their exponential sales growth, we decided to pursue this market with accessories to the board, heavily utilizing our plastic manufacturing capabilities.

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