Large Cabinet Racks

Add-A-Rack System

Design Features

When it is desirable to develop a series of racks into an integral system, Add-A-Rack assemblies can be used to obtain the optimum width and, at the same time, reduce costs considerably.
Assembly consists of welded frame, rear door and one pair of panel mounting rails.

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19" Panel Width Non-Ventilated
Catalog Number Acce- ssories Drawings Used With Weight lbs
ER-16552 Acc. ER-16502 95
ER-16553 Acc. ER-16503 106
ER-16554 Acc. ER-16504 118
ER-16555 Acc. ER-16505 127
ER-16556 Acc. ER-16506 136
ER-16561 Acc. N/A 83
ER-16562 Acc. ER-16512 107
ER-16563 Acc. ER-16513 119
ER-16564 Acc. ER-16514 132
ER-16565 Acc. ER-16515 140
ER-16566 Acc. ER-16516 150
ER-16571 Acc. N/A 95
ER-16572 Acc. ER-16522 117
ER-16573 Acc. ER-16523 128
ER-16574 Acc. ER-16524 143
ER-16575 Acc. ER-16525 151
ER-16576 Acc. ER-16526 162

19" Panel Width Ventilated
Catalog Number Acce- ssories Drawings Used With Weight lbs
ER-16652 Acc. ER-16602 95
ER-16653 Acc. ER-16603 106
ER-16654 Acc. ER-16604 118
ER-16655 Acc. ER-16605 127
ER-16656 Acc. ER-16606 136
ER-16662 Acc. ER-16612 107
ER-16663 Acc. ER-16613 119
ER-16664 Acc. ER-16614 132
ER-16665 Acc. ER-16615 140
ER-16666 Acc. ER-16616 150
ER-16672 Acc. ER-16622 117
ER-16673 Acc. ER-16623 128
ER-16674 Acc. ER-16624 143
ER-16675 Acc. ER-16625 151
ER-16676 Acc. ER-16626 162
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