NEMA Boxes


NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBA Series

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Most of these gasketed enclosures have been tested and approved to UL508-4x specifications, with a few being approved to UL50-4x. All enclosures meet NEMA 1, 4, 4x and IEC529-IP66 requirements, which allows them to be used in many wet, dirty and/or corrosive environments. 

Design Features

  • Designed to IP66 of IEC 529 and NEMA 1, 4 and 4x specifications.
  • UL Listed to UL508-4x requirements
  • Indoor Versions:
  • ABS/PC blended plastic enclosures are molded out of light gray material¬† with UL94-5VA flammability rating.¬† Suggested service temperature range -40C to +70C.
  • Clear doors, for all models, are molded out of polycarbonate material with UL94-V0 flammability rating
  • Outdoor Versions:
  • *PC/PBT blended plastic enclosures are molded out of light gray material with UL94-5VA flammability rating and UV stabilized

Catalog Number NBA Series
Indoor Version Outdoor Version Nominal Sizes Actual External Internal Wgt.
Solid Door Clear Door Solid Door Clear Door Drawings A B C A B C D E F G Wgt. Lbs.
NBA-10142 NBA-10162 Contact
300mm 200mm 150mm 11.80" 7.85" 5.97" 4.80" 11.00" 7.02" 5.69" 2.2
NBA-10144 NBA-10164 300mm 200mm 180mm 11.80" 7.85" 7.09" 5.90" 11.00" 7.02" 6.80" 2.5
NBA-10148 NBA-10168 400mm 300mm 180mm 15.75" 11.80" 7.09" 5.90" 14 93" 10.94" 6.80" 4.7
NBA-10152 NBA-10172 500mm 400mm 200mm 19.68" 15.75" 7.87" 6.69" 18.85" 14.90" 7.60" 7.4
NBA-10156 NBA-10176 600mm 400mm 230mm 23.61" 15.75" 9.06" 7.87" 22.78" 14.90" 8.80" 9.5
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