How to get your enclosure modified in only 5 Days

Only BUD modifies enclosures to your specs in five days, using robotic automation and 2350 different enclosures in stock

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5-Day Modifications Program Fastest in the Industry

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Get your creations to market faster with exactly the
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Bud makes simple modifications on electronic enclosures to your specs in five days—faster than the 10- and 15-day turnarounds offered by some enclosure suppliers, and at no extra cost for the expedited service. Enclosure modifications may include adding holes, cutouts, tappings and pre-assembly.

Unlike suppliers who offer fast modifications on a small number of products, Bud offer 5-day service on most of the electronic 2500 enclosures that it has in inventory: its entire range of small-to-midsize metal and plastic enclosures including IP- rated/NEMA-rated plastic, die cast aluminum, and steel boxes.

Bud can offer industry-leading turnaround time because it has invested in state-of-the-art automated equipment. Electronically-programmed, Bud’s five-axis robotic machine cuts holes, slots, and custom cutouts in enclosures quickly and cost-effectively, and to exacting standards.

It’s faster to have Bud make the modifications than for you to do it yourself, and often it’s cheaper. And you’ll never have to scrap an enclosure because your internal resource or job shop doesn’t have the right equipment and know-how.

Enclosure Modifications Planning Guide

Following a few simple steps can speed and simplify your enclosure modifications, getting your product to market faster with the exact enclosure you need, for less cost.

Bud can make simple modifications to most enclosures in only 5 days, at no extra cost for the expedited turnaround, assuming the standard box is in stock. Use this guide to plan your modifications and get the exact enclosure you need, quickly and affordably.

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How to Modify Enclosures to Get the Design You Need for Less Time and Cost

With a little planning and coordination, you can get your designs to market faster with exactly the enclosure it requires. Our white paper includes tips that will speed and simplify the enclosure modification process.

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Infographic proves how easy it is to have Bud provide you with a modified electronic enclosure. Don’t risk improper modifications by a local source or your “back room” when it is so easy and so fast (5 days!) to get it from Bud. Call us or your local distributor for details.

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When Modifications Are Not Enough... CUSTOMIZE!

Sometimes your box or rack enclosure application requires a custom solution, or you want your design to standout in the marketplace.

We can go beyond simple cutouts on a stock enclosure by adding custom features and even create a total custom electrical enclosure specific to your needs. Options include unique shapes and sizes, pre-assembly, special colors, silk screening, adding EMI/RFI shielding, and full-color digital printing.