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Fiberglass Electronic Enclosures Broaden their Appeal

Although I have been involved with the electronic enclosure industry for nearly 40 years, I continue to be amazed at the variety of applications which require these enclosures.  The application space has expanded significantly since we introduced NEMA 4x Fiberglass Enclosures a few years ago.  These durable boxes are priced well below market, but provide industry leading protection.    They are more durable than polycarbonate boxes with less vulnerability to cracking when struck.   Some of the applications that we have seen recently include:

  1. In solid state lighting, the controls for the lighting need to be enclosed and often protected from outdoor or factory environments.  Numerous customers find that fiberglass provides a simple solution to long term exposure
  2. Fiber optic distribution, again in the lighting or energy fields
  3. In food services, we have customers that locate their controls in the fields or barns to track production where frequent hose down or weather situations require proper protection
  4. Climate controls and environmental tracking industries are also a unique niche that fiberglass enclosures effectively support.
  5. Solar Energy collection and conversion is a growing application for these electronic enclosures as they can withstand higher heat and yet are not conductive as one finds with metal enclosures.

The market for Fiberglass enclosures is broad and rapidly growing as pricing becomes more competitive.  With durable protection, limited conductivity, and hose down capabilities, they have much to offer.  Don’t forget that we can modify these boxes with cutouts, slots and other secondary operations to improve assembly time and truly provide a turn-key solution.

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How to Interpret NEMA Ratings

Perhaps one of the most confusing standards for an engineer to follow is NEMA ratings as it relates to enclosures.  It would be natural to consider that the higher the NEMA rating, the greater the protection.  This is definitely not the case.  It is also typical that one might assume that having a NEMA rating of any sort implies a high level of protection.  This is also not the case.  NEMA ratings are set up in a way to address a variety of concerns:  safety from moving parts, protection from dripping water, dripping oils, sprayed liquids, UV, corrosion, ice, and many more.  NEMA 1 ratings, for example, simply suggest that the product protects against contact with moving internal parts.  The ratings becomes confusing when you consider that NEMA 4 protects your product from sprayed water, ideal for wash-down or weather intensive locations.  NEMA 12 only protects against dust, falling dirt and dripping liquids so would be more appropriate in an environment where there may be less significant environmental factors, such as a factory which may not be a clean room.  NEMA 3 is weather resistant, with NEMA 3r protecting against icing as well.  The point is that you want to be sure you are receiving the level of protection you need without overpaying for too much.  For a complete listing of all of the relevant NEMA ratings for enclosures, Bud has a great tool, the Design Tips Handbook which you can download for free at http://www.budind.com/request_designtips.php .  Good luck with your design!

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Marketing and the Electronic Enclosure

This week, the famous Consumer Electronics Show is being held in Las Vegas.  It is a media savvy vehicle for bringing new products and technology to market.  As the various vendors and industry pundits’ work to impress us with what is new, I find myself thinking about some of the basics.  Over time, some of the most exciting advances have to do with packaging and how the product appears to the increasingly sophisticated consumer.  Take a look at ipods or flat screen televisions, and you see that how the components are packaged is often more important than the components themselves.  This brings us to the importance of the enclosure.

An increasing segment of Bud Industry’s market is customizing products to meet the unique design and marketing features of the customer.   In fact, one of the most significant changes in the selling of enclosures is the inclusion of marketing leadership in the design phase.  This is a great approach because we have seen that when marketing is involved near the end of the project, expensive changes can occur.  These can result from a desire to make the product more ergonomic to more in line with the company branding efforts.  For example, we did a prototype for a customer in one of our smaller plastic enclosures which perfectly suited their board mounting, display and connectivity needs.  On a later iteration, they decided that they needed the unit made out of a special color to match their company colors and to help distinguish them in the market.  Although the change itself was not complex, the alteration caused production delays as well as inconvenience for all involved. Read More >>

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