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Breadboards From Bud Industries?

Published on: August 19, 2016 by Blair Haas

Everyone knows that Bud is the industry’s favored supplier of electronic enclosures, but did you know that Bud is now a top supplier of  Breadboards as well? Bud first approached this market with several enclosures for the raspberry pi development board a few years back. Recognizing the breadth of customer base following their exponential sales growth, we decided to pursue this market with accessories to the board, heavily utilizing our plastic manufacturing capabilities.

Bud now offers two breadboards that have become some of our best selling products. The first, 3.2″ x 3.4″ x .33” has 600 tie points, and the other is smaller at 3.2” x 2.0” x .33” with 300 tie points. Both allow for quick connections and simple adjustments.

Be sure to buy your breadboards from Bud

Bud’s Breadboards are among our fastest selling products

We have recently further expanded the line by creating an all-in-one companion to the development boards with our breadboard development kits. The first has a plate mounted breadboard with 4 Terminal Strips with 2800 tie points and 9 distribution strips with 1000 Tie-points, and 2 Switches. The other is larger and has a plate mounted breadboard with 6 terminal strips that have 4650 tie-points, 13 distribution Strips with 1340 tie-points and also 2 switches. Together, they represent a unique opportunity to provide the best in accessories for your development board application. Rounding out the offerings are a variety of wire bundles that include jump wires and ribbon cables. Watch for more additions to all of these accessories in the coming months. The time has come to stop thinking of Bud as only an enclosure vendor but as the go-to company for a variety of component needs.