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Bud BRP Server Rack Series Is Plug and Play

Published on: September 11, 2019 by Blair Haas

19” Cabinet racks have been in use for almost 100 years since ATT first decided to set the standard for mounting of the termination and repeater equipment for toll cables in the early days of the telephone.  A few years later, the hole locations and distances between holes on the mounting rails of 1.75” was established and Bud Industries created its first “relay racks” shortly thereafter as we serviced the rapidly growing radio market.  Flash forward, and as is the case for many type of electronic enclosures, the rack specifications have remained consistent but the applications have changed with technology.  Today, instead of cable hubs and repeaters, these racks are likely to be used for server mounting, power supplies, as well as audio and data communications equipment.

19" cabinet rack from Bud
Bud’s versatile BRP 19″ Cabinet Rack

We have focused on many of our cabinet rack lines in prior blogs and today we will chat about the BudRack Professional series.  Ranging in size from 24u (42”) to 45 U (78.75”) panel height with two depths (20.88” and 28.75” clear inside depth), there is a size available for virtually every need.  This series is a true “plug and play” series as it comes not only with two pairs of fully adjustable panel mounting rails (with notches at each “u” location) but also a top mount fan box with either two or four fans depending on the rack depth.  It also comes with one or two ventilated shelves (depending on the rack height) and four casters and four levelers.  To assist in cable routing, there is a large cutout in the base (covered with a removable panel) and two additional cutouts in the front and rear of the base.  It is fully vented and comes complete with a ventilated tempered glass front door and locking rear door.

They are available at an amazingly low price from all Bud Distributors and stocked at the Bud factory for immediate shipment.  Contact Bud or your favorite distributor for complete information.