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Bud Industries introduces IP67 Vents

Published on: October 18, 2019 by Blair Haas

Bud’s new IPV Series vents are rated IP67


One of the most significant problems in protecting electronic or electrical components with a NEMA/IP rated enclosure is ventilation.  By the nature of the enclosure being sealed, air flow or cooling is a challenge.  Further, as the components typically produce heat, there can be a heat buildup within the box creating not only high internal temperatures but also condensation as the internal and external temperatures vary, which defeats one of the purposes of a dust-tight or water-tight environment.  Most NEMA vents are provided to protect against dirt and dust using a normal filter to avoid that ingress while allowing some air flow.  However, as the applications of electronics moves into more hazardous environments, such as outdoors, protection against water and weather related elements reduce the value of those traditional products.  Bud Industries is pleased to announce a new series of IP67 rated vents that not only filter for particles while allowing airflow, but also it protects against water/rain/hose down and oils, even when the box is submerged for up to 30 minutes.

By use of an e-PTFE membrane, it is innately able to repel both water and oils yet allow sufficient air flow to balances the heat.  It operates both indoors and outdoors, is UV resistant, and so is the perfect solution at an incredible price. One concern that is overlooked in many applications is the impact of many heating and cooling cycles on the enclosure gaskets.  As the internal and external temperatures begin to vary, the box, particularly if it is plastic, slightly expands and contracts.  Over time, this continual flexing can cause the original gaskets to fail, leading to internal component damage.  The steady airflow provided by Bud vents avoids that temperature variation and keeps your components safe.

Bud’s new IPV series of vents come in sizes ranging from M5 to M32, are value priced, easy to install (especially if the designer uses Bud’s industry leading 5 day modification program) and work equally well on both metal and plastic enclosures.  For questions, contact the Bud factory (440-496-3200) www.budind.com, or your favoriate Bud Distributor.