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Bud Industries NEMA Enclosure Videos are a Hit

Published on: November 9, 2017 by Blair Haas

Nowhere is a picture better at telling a story than in describing Bud’s IP and NEMA plastic Boxes.  Even better is a video and we have just updated our videos on the popular NBF and PN series boxes.  While in the prior version, we just described the product features, in this version, we show each box being hit with a powerful water spray.  While this is not an official UL test, it replicates a bit of the process that UL went through to certify these to the NEMA 4x standard.  It is also similar to the test that TUV performed to certify their IP66 and IP65 ratings respectively

Bud Industries has a broad range of NEMA 4x, IP65 plastiv enclosures

Bud Industries has an action packed video of the PN series NEMA 4x Enclosure undergoing water spray test.

The NBF is our all plastic series with a latching cover.  Everything on this series is made from plastic including the latch and hinge hardware.   It comes in 23 sizes and various versions including ABS plastic for a low cost solution.  It also is available in polycarbonate with either a clear or opaque lid.  The PN series has a screw on cover and is also available in either abs or polycarbonate.  The lids are either opaque or transparent on this series as well.  


Both series qualify for Bud’s industry leading 5-6 day modification service.  All that we need is a sketch of the product and we will take care of the rest insuring a fast delivery at the highest quality for the lowest acquired price.  Contact Bud or your local Bud distributor for complete details.