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Bud’s Server Rack/ Perfect for Growing Internet Use

Published on: June 18, 2020 by Blair Haas

During this crazy business era, one product area that has thrived has been our Server Rack Series, the SRP.  In this time of endless binge watching, video game marathons, and even remote learning for students (my 9 year old grandson is taking a class on video animation this week), the demand for hyper fast internet is skyrocketing.  Bud’s SRP Server Rack Professional Series is helping fill that storage need with a full featured product at an amazing price.

Available in three heights (27u, 42u and 45u panel space with a “u” equal to 1.75”) and two depths (35 and 43”), it is built to meet any needs.  Among the server rack’s many features are:

*Sturdy welded construction with 1700 pound weight capacity (uniformly distributed and without casters)
*Fully ventilated locking front door that can be mounted left or right
*Fully ventilated split rear door with solid triple point latching system.
*Two pairs of panel mounting rails with unique notches at “u” increments to ease equipment installation
*Panel mounting rails are fully adjustable front and back
*A top installed fan box with 4 fans
*Includes four casters and four levelers (unassembled)
*Includes ventilated shelves (one with 27U rack and two with 42U and 45U racks)
*6 cable management brackets
*Sides are easily removable to allow quick assembly access
*Rack made of 18 ga. steel with 14 ga. panel mounting rails
*Open base for convenient cable access
*Covered slot in top for additional cable access
*Vented at top and bottom of sides
*Comes fully assembled

Best of all, Bud has this server rack in stock today so delivery is immediate.  For more details, please contact your favorite Bud distributor or call, email or chat the Bud factory.  We also have several other lines of 19” cabinet racks to meet all of your racking requirements and we can modify all products to meet your specific needs.