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Certifications for NEMA/IP Electronic Enclosures can make a Difference

Published on: October 8, 2019 by Blair Haas

While I often use my blog to discuss important issues in enclosures or the electronics industry, it is sometimes nice to hear a different voice in the process.  Josiah Haas, our president, was recently interviewed for Automation World by David Greenfield on the differences between a certified and non-certified enclosure and when to use what type of certification. He clarifies how the use of the appropriately rated products can improve both uptime and component safety.  As companies move their products into different environments and/or upgrade their current products, this podcast is a solid background to insure that the engineer is making the right choices.   Here is the podcast link:

An industry leader in electronic enclosures
Josiah Haas provides guidance on NEMA and IP rated enclosures


Further, for those who are not podcast fans, Automation World ran an article with the highlights of the podcast


As a reminder, Bud offers both NEMA/IP rated enclosures as well as traditional non-certified products all from stock at an amazing price.

We want to thank Automation World for focusing on this important topic and also our distributor, Allied Electronics and Automation for sponsoring this feature.