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Election Musings by an Electronic Enclosure Leader

Published on: October 6, 2020 by Blair Haas

Every so often, I break up my product driven blog to share some of my thoughts on topics in the world outside of the electronic enclosure.  In the year 2020, we have been buffeted by a presidential impeachment, a world-wide pandemic, economic collapse, protests, and record wild fires and so much more.  Just when you think there cannot be another historic event, another pops up to shock and stun us.  And a big one is just around the corner.  As everyone must know, we are only 4 weeks away from election day.

Election day is only 4 weeks away

Voting is not only a right but really is an obligation to our democracy

I will instantly be identified as a senior when I note that I was among the first cohort who was able to vote at 18 and did so in the 1972 election following the passage of the 26th amendment in 1971.    Since then, I have not missed a major election and very few minor ones as well.  I write this note to encourage all who read this blog to vote.  If you are unsure where to go to vote, or what your options are, go to www.vote.org.  They are a non-profit whose mission is to help people register, understand their voting options and encourage them to vote.

I think what so many people overlook is that this year is not just about the presidential election.  Here in my local voting area there is a library issue, and rezoning issue, and many local as well as national candidates.  All seats in House are up as they are every two years. All need your input.  I know it sounds like a cliché, but many elections are, indeed, decided by only a few votes (we’ve all seen those pictures of the coin toss selecting the winner in a tied race).  Everyone loves to share their views and voting is the best way to express that view so you can privately do it in a way that matters and can have a real impact.  Whether you vote early at the polls, send in an absentee ballot, or prefer to be in the booth on election day, take advantage of your right and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.