How to install the Gasket in a Bud Industries AN Series Die Cast Box

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How to install the Gasket in a Bud Industries AN Series Die Cast Box – Video Transcription

The Bud AN Series products come with the gaskets installed, but often there is a need to uninstall the gasket to perform modifications on the box. This is done to avoid damaging the gasket with metal shavings as holes are cut, or the product is painted.

Installing the gasket is easy as long as you follow these simple steps. First, start at roughly the midpoint of a side. Push the gasket into place gently, being very careful not to stretch it. As you lay out the gasket, gently push the gasket into place with one hand while pushing backwards with the other. As you see in this video, the gasket is laid out with the right hand, but pushed slightly backwards into place with the left. As you go around a corner, be very cautious that you continue to relax the gasket and do not stretch it.

Finally, as you come to the completion of the process, continue as you have been doing. Gently put the gasket into place, line up the seams, then push backwards just a little bit to smooth it out. It's just that easy.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to check with your local Bud distributor, or call us at 440-946-3200, or email us at saleseast@budind.com. Thank you.