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Great Value in Plastic Rack Mount Chassis

Published on: March 1, 2017 by Blair Haas

Sometimes, here at Bud Industries, we take a look at some of our long term products such as our plastic rack mount chassis and are pleased to see that they are still as relevant today as they were when they were introduced more than a decade ago.

It can be used on a rack or as a stand alone enclosure

Bud’s Plastic Rack Mount Chassis is a great value with strong features

A bonus in the use of enclosures is that while the applications and, of course,  the components will evolve over time, a product such as this chassis is flexible enough to accommodate the technological updates.  It represents a simple solution to many of the engineers racking problems.

We produce the product in three heights (1u, 2u, and 3u where u is 1.75”) and an 8”depth.  Made from ABS plastic, it is rated UL94-HB and comes in an easy to maintain black.  The sides on the unit are ventilated allowing for natural cooling and air flow.  With easily removable mounting flanges, the plastic rack mount chassis can be used in a rack mount mode or desktop as well.  It also comes with pcb mounting bosses to speed the installation process. As always, keep in mind that Bud can modify these units quickly and on a cost effective basis to allow for a turnkey process.  While some customers question the use of plastic due to its weigh load bearing capabilities, it is rare that the customer needs more support than can be provided by lower cost plastics.

We have seen applications for this product in a wide range of industries from communications to automotive, from medical to system integration.  The applications are as varied as the electronics industry itself.  Bud Industries offers a complete family of rack mount chassis in many standard sizes made from aluminum extrusion and sheet aluminum as well.  Check out the rack mount options on our website at www.budind.com and you can check price and delivery at your favorite Bud Industries Distributor there as well.