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Raspberry Pi Case – a Lesson in Creativity

Published on: April 20, 2012 by Blair Haas

By now, most of you have heard of the Raspberry Pi, a small micro-computer that is the size of a credit card.  Developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation with the mission of teaching students more about electronics, it has become a worldwide sensation.  Priced at only $35, it sold out its first 10,000 piece run in less than 30 minutes, impacting its distributors’ web sites!  However, the board was “naked” with no suggested method for enclosing it. Bud stepped in to fill the void with a Raspberry Pi case!

There were a few challenges with developing this enclosure, the greatest being that the components on the board could be moved as the project evolved, eliminating a traditional approach of a plastic box with access holes.  Bud developed two Raspberry Pi case options to solve the problem.  The first, called a “Pi Sandwich” is a simple rectangular box with open sides.  The board snaps into clips to raise it off the base, and then cables and connectors can be attached through the sides.  This solution is perfect for those who only need basic protection and will plan to plug and unplug the cables frequently

The second, known as the “Pi Plate”, is a round two piece enclosure with a large opening in the base.  Again, the board mounts into raised clips, but the cables snake in through the base providing a more secure enclosure.  The top easily twists on and off, requiring no hardware.  It is great when quick access to the components is required.  Both are molded in a raspberry tinted translucent ABS plastic, allowing visual access to the board and its components.

Check out our webpage on the Raspberry Pi case or our video on youtube on the pi plate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhAnIHiJhLo .  Both should be stocked by the end of May.  You can depend on Bud for the most creative solutions to your enclosure challenges.