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The Best Resource for Electronic Enclosures

Published on: March 23, 2012 by Blair Haas

Of all the components that are involved with the building of electronic components, the enclosure is probably the most unusual.  First, the technology of an enclosure is fairly simple and quite different from the technology of the other components.  Second,  in most cases, there are significantly more manufacturers of enclosure available as the barriers to building an enclosure typically are much lower than for the rest of the BOM.  Finally, the supply chain is much broader for enclosure than it is for products such as connectors or other equipment.

Many buyers and engineers often go to a local job shop to buy their boxes.  It is quick and convenient but often comes with hidden costs that can include product inconsistencies, the impact of being a small customer (for prototypes and the like), and high prices.  Many of these same people don’t realize that Bud and several other top name electronic enclosure products and accessories are available through Industrial electronic distributors.  This is a huge value and convenience.  Not only do you have instant consistent price and availability, but you also are placing one purchase order with your supplier of your major components.  Also, as you search a site like Bud’s, they have stock check capabilities on the top right of the home page, and on every product page,  that immediately link you to the distributor’s site for quick ordering.

Today, when time is tight and the pressure is on to get the best product fast at a great price, dealing with Bud and our broad distribution network perfectly aligns with the best supply chain practices today.