A Raspberry Pi Case – The Pi Sandwich – Video Transcription

Bud Industries has developed a unique solution to enclosing the raspberry pi micro-computer called the Pi Sandwich. Unlike other structured units, this case allows for flexibility and expansion, and for the board to be used as it was intended, for learning, experimentation, and creativity. Using no hardware, it easily opens for quick access. To install the board, just slide it into the provided slots and click it into place. Once it is secure, you are now safe from the risk of metal touching the bottom of the board, causing significant damage. With the board installed, you can connect your cables without touching the board, protecting the board’s integrity.

Since the enclosure has open sides, there is no restriction to what you can do with your board. Unlike enclosures with fixed cutouts, you can take advantage of the flat cable connectors to mount LCD screens or built in key boards. You also can use the IO ports to send power or commands to any external dc motor, to hook up to another computer, or even to run a robot. All of this is accomplished without having to drill new holes.

The extra space in the sides of the case also allows for installation of a battery compartment and since the top and bottom of the case are identical, you can also mount an additional board. Yet it is still small enough to pop in your backpack when you are on the move. Made from durable translucent raspberry colored ABS plastic, it allows the user to see all indicator lights without removing the cover.

The lid slides into place, providing complete protection for the board and your hard work. All of this priced well below $10 and in stock today at distribution. For more information, check out Bud’s website at www.budind.com or call us at 440-946-3200.