Bud Industries continues its focus on developing enclosures for popular programming boards with its new FBB series, designed to enclose the Freescale Freedom Development Platform, Model KL25Z. The FBB 3665 has four pieces: top, bottom, front and rear panels which can be rapidly assembled. The front panel allows for an easy connection to the LK25Z USB, the OpenSDA USB, and to the reset button. It also has additional slots for cable access or ventilation. The rear panel has round knock-out plugs that can accommodate Bud’s miniature cable gland, NG9511, or they can just be used for ventilation. The board slips into place, secured by a snug fit rather than by potentially damaging hardware. There is a side slot to accommodate cables from both I/O header banks. With the easily removable top, the board can be extracted without disassembling any cables. The rubber feet included with the board can be removed and attached to the bottom of the box, covering up the screw holes and creating a secure position.