Pi Sandwich – Video Transcription

Looking for a simple solution to enclose and protect your raspberry pi micro-computer? The Bud Pi Sandwich is a clever approach to securing the board, yet providing quick access for cables and also providing flexibility for additions and adjustments to the board components.

Made from durable Translucent ABS plastic, the pi sandwich consists of two identical rectangular pieces that are held together by friction, requiring no hardware. They simply pull apart. The board snaps into place in the base and the open windows allow easy access to components and to simply plug and unplug cables and connectors. There are grooves in the openings that allow for user supplied window covers. The openings also insure that the box will be usable as the user or developers add or relocate components on or near the board.

These units will be in stock at distribution by late May. For more information, contact your Bud distributor or check out our website at www.budind.com.