Explosion Proof Enclosures

ATX Die Cast Aluminum Explosion Proof Enclosures

ATX Die Cast Aluminum Explosion Proof Enclosures

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Bud Industries introduces High Quality ATEX Certified Explosion Proof Enclosures.

Bud’s ATX Series are designed for intermittent Explosive atmospheres (excludes mining) such as Gas (Category: II, Zone: 1&2) Grain Dust and conductive dust (Category: III, Zones 21&22), the enclosures provide Equipment protection with increased safety (e) and dust protection (tb).

ATX Series are UL listed (Type 6P) and rated at IP66 PER IEC 60529 Standard


Design Features

  • Intended for use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mists or air/dust mixtures are infrequent.

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  • ATEX Rating:
  • II 2 G Ex e IIC Gb
  • II 2 D Ex tb IIIC Db IP 66
  • DEMKO 13 ATEX 1327771U
  • IECEx UL 13.0042U
  • EX# 0539
  • Service Temperature Range: - 50 °C to +135 °C
  • Made of Extra Corrosion resistant Aluminum AlSi 12
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Powder Coated Light Gray(RAL-7001)
  • Captive stainless screws in the cover
  • Continuous Gasket made of Silicone rubber
  • Four copper plated ground screws in body for ground and plate assembly
  • External Ground Bracket for dedicated Ground connection
  • UL Listed Type 6P File #E358256
  • ATEX Directive restricted Modifications (refer to product drawings)
  • Instructions

ATX Die Cast Aluminum Explosion Proof Enclosures
Catalog Number Drawing Size ( inches) weight Internal External
L W D lb Plate # Brackets Kit #
ATX-10501 pdf dxf 2.95 3.15 2.24 0.70 MPX-501-A MTX-4503
ATX-10503 pdf dxf 3.94 3.94 3.19 1.36 MPX-503-A MTX-4503
ATX-10505 pdf dxf 4.80 4.72 3.58 2.20 MPX-505-A MTX-6512
ATX-10506 pdf dxf 4.92 3.15 2.24 0.92 MPX-506-A MTX-6512
ATX-10507 pdf dxf 5.91 2.52 1.34 0.62 MPX-507-A MTX-6512
ATX-10509 pdf dxf 6.30 6.30 3.58 3.39 MPX-509-A MTX-6512
ATX-10510 pdf dxf 6.89 3.15 2.24 1.23 MPX-510-A MTX-6512
ATX-10512 pdf dxf 8.66 4.72 3.58 3.30 MPX-512-A MTX-6512
ATX-10515 pdf dxf 10.24 6.30 3.54 4.62 MPX-515-A MTX-6512
ATX-10519 pdf dxf 14.17 6.30 3.54 6.18 MPX-519-A MTX-6512
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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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