NEMA Box Accessories

Internal Panels

Design Features

Used to mount customer equipment inside enclosures
*Assembles to mounting bosses on inside of enclosure
*16-gauge galvanized steel
*21 sizes available

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Catalog Number Length x Width x Thickness Fits Enclosure

NBX-10975 2.56 x 3.56 NBB-10220, NBB-10230, NBB-22220
NBX-10976 2.56 x 4.55 NBB-10221, NBB-10231, NBB-22221
NBX-10977 2.56 x 6.50 NBB-10222, NBB-10232, NBB-22222
NBX-10978 2.56 x 9.25 NBB-10223, NBB-10233, NBB-22223
NBX-10979 5.37 x 9.25 NBB-10241, NBB-10261, NBB-22241
NBX-10980 6.70 x 10.50 NBA-10142, NBA-10162, NBA-10144, NBA-10164, NBB-32640
NBX-10981 10.40 x 14.30 NBA-10148, NBA-10168, NBB-32647
NBX-10982 14.30 x 18.20 NBA-10152, NBA-10172, NBB-32653
NBX-10983 13.89 x 21.77 NBA-10156 NBA-10176
NBX-10984 4.90 x 4.90 NBB-10240, NBB-10260
NBX-10985 6.30 x 9.90 NBB-10243, NBB-10263,NBD-10442, NBD-10462, NBE-10543, NBE-10563
NBX-10986 11.50 x 11.50 NBB-10245, NBB-10265
NBX-10987 10.40 x 14.30 NBB-10247, NBB-10267, NBE-10547, NBE-10567
NBX-10988 8.59 x 12.5 NBB-10251, NBB-10271, NBB-22251
NBX-10990 13.10 x 17.60 NBB-10253, NBB-10273, NBE-10553, NBE-10573
NBX-10994 6.10 x 13.190 NBD-10445, NBD-10465
NBX-10996 9.90 x 12.30 NBD-10449, NBD-10469
NBX-10997 9.90 x 13.80 NBD-10452, NBD-10472
* Non-stocking - contact factory for availability

PTX Panels

Plate Number P series Box
Plate Number P series Box
PTX-11046 PTQ-11046
PTX-11048-P PTS-25328
PTX-11046 PTS-25315
PTX-11048-P PTS-25328
PTX-11046 PTQ-11046
PTX-11050-P PTH-22506
PTX-11048 PTH-22496
PTX-11050-P PTS-25338
PTX-11048 PTQ-11048
PTX-11050-P PTS-25340
PTX-11048 PTS-25328
PTX-11057-P PTH-22446
PTX-11048 PTQ-11048
PTX-11057-P PTS-25340
PTX-11050 PTH-22506
PTX-11059-P PTH-22426
PTX-11050 PTQ-11050
PTX-11064-P PTH-22456
PTX-11050 PTS-25338
PTX-11068-P PTH-22432
PTX-11050 PTQ-11050
PTX-11073-P PTH-22436
PTX-11057 PTH-22446
PTX-11076-P PTH-22438
PTX-11057 PTQ-11057
PTX-22422-P PTH-22422
PTX-11057 PTQ-11057
PTX-22428-P PTH-22428
PTX-11059 PTH-22426
PTX-22440-P PTH-22440
PTX-11059 PTQ-11059
PTX-22442-P PTH-22442
PTX-11059 PTQ-11059
PTX-22448-P PTH-22448
PTX-11064 PTH-22456
PTX-22460-P PTH-22460
PTX-11064 PTQ-11064
PTX-22480-P PTH-22480
PTX-11064 PTQ-11064
PTX-22490-P PTH-22490
PTX-11068 PTH-22432
PTX-22492-P PTH-22492
PTX-11068 PTQ-11068
PTX-22510-P PTH-22510
PTX-11068 PTQ-11068
PTX-25304-P PTS-25304
PTX-11073 PTH-22436
PTX-25308-P PTS-25308
PTX-11073 PTQ-11073
PTX-25310-P PTS-25310
PTX-11073 PTQ-11073
PTX-25312-P PTS-25312
PTX-11076 PTH-22438
PTX-25317-P PTS-25317
PTX-11076 PTQ-11076
PTX-25319-P PTS-25319
PTX-11076 PTQ-11076
PTX-25323-P PTS-25323
PTX-11080 PTQ-11080
PTX-25342-P PTS-25342
PTX-11080 PTQ-11080

PTX-22422 PTH-22422

PTX-22428 PTH-22428

PTX-22440 PTH-22440

PTX-22442 PTH-22442

PTX-22448 PTH-22448

PTX-22458 PTH-22458

PTX-22460 PTH-22460

PTX-22462 PTH-22462

PTX-22480 PTH-22480

PTX-22490 PTH-22490

PTX-22492 PTH-22492

PTX-22510 PTH-22510

PTX-22512 PTH-22512

PTX-25301 PTS-25301

PTX-25302 PTS-25302

PTX-25304 PTS-25304

PTX-25308 PTS-25308

PTX-25310 PTS-25310

PTX-25312 PTS-25312

PTX-25317 PTS-25317

PTX-25319 PTS-25319

PTX-25323 PTS-25323

PTX-25342 PTS-25342

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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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