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Converta Boxes

Small Metal Electronics Enclosures  - Converta Boxes

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Bud can meet your special requirements by customizing any of our standard enclosures by punching, drilling, painting 

Design Features

Bonus Features

Components or controls can be mounted to any surface



Converta Boxes
Catalog Number Drawings Height Width Depth Weight (Lbs.)
CU-341-A   1.50" 4.00" 3.00" .50
CU-452-A   2.00" 5.00" 4.00" .75
CU-482-A   2.00" 8.00" 4.00" 1.25
CU-592-A   2.50" 9.50" 5.00" 1.75
CU-622-A   2.50" 12.00" 6.00" 2.25
CU-712-A   2.50" 15.00" 7.00" 3.00
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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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