Small Metal Electronics Enclosures

Slimcab Desktop Cabinets

Design Features

Cover: .050" aluminum Panels: .120" "Surface Shield" aluminum. Sides vented for cooling. Five sizes available, all 1U (1.75") High. Suitable for desktop or 19" rack mount use with optional brackets.
Sand Texture (S) Smooth Black (EBL)

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Slimcab Desktop Cabinets
Catalog Number Drawings Description Size Weight Lbs.
CS-11221   Cabinet 8.50"x 8.00" 1.50
CS-11223   Cabinet 8.50"x 16.00" 2.50
CS-11225   Cabinet 17.00"x 8.00" 2.75
CS-11227   Cabinet 17.00"x 16.00" 4.50
CS-11230   Bracket   .50
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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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