Small Metal Electronics Enclosures

TR Series Small Cabinet

Small Metal Electronics Enclosures  - TR Series Small Cabinet

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With the TR, you'll give your instrumentation a look that sets it far apart from the conventional. Its styling and versatility makes the TR ideal for your application whether it be a portable enclosure, a desk top instrument case or in systems. 

Design Features

Top and bottom, .05" aluminum; front panel, .09" aluminum. Extruded aluminum frame. Corner gussets for added support. Carrying handle may be used as tilting bail. Front panel, self-adhesive rubber feet and handle/bail included.

Bonus Features

Since chassis is reversible, two configurations are possible with one unit. Top and bottom easily removed for access to dust-free interior. Will accommodate an accessory chassis or .06" thick P.C. boards.


Royal Blue Texture (RB) body with White frame and bail.

TR Series
Catalog Number Drawings Height (A) Width (B) Depth (C) Panel Space Weight Lbs.
TR-6100   3.50" 8.31" 10.75" 3.25"x 8.04" 4.5
TR-6101   5.25" 8.31" 13.25" 5.00"x 8.04" 5.5
TR-6102   700" 11.06" 13.25" 6.75"x 10.82" 7.0
TR-6103   8.00" 12.00" 18.75" 775"x 11.04" 9.5
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