Small Metal Electronics Enclosures


Small Metal Electronics Enclosures  - Transi-Cases

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Design Features

.04" aluminum body. Portable. Flush fitting .05" aluminum panel. Bright nickel-plated hardware. Black plastic handle. Plastic feet on base and back.

Bonus Features

Knobs, dials, switches, etc. protected by slide-off lid; 1.50" clearance above panel.


Royal Blue Texture (RB) Gray Texture (GT)

Catalog Number Drawings Height Width Depth Panel Space Space Below Panel Weight Lbs.
TC-300   6.00" 10.06" 7.00" 9.00"x 5.93" 4.37" 2.50
TC-301   6.00" 11.50" 8.25" 10.43"x 7.25" 4.37" 3.25
TC-302   7.50" 13.00" 9.00" 11.93"x 7.93" 5.87" 4.00
TC-303   7.50" 16.50" 9.00" 15.43"x 7.93" 5.87" 4.75
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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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