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  • How to Modify Enclosures to Get the Design You Need for Less Time and Cost
    What distinguishes a simple metal or plastic box from a functional electronic enclosure? Most often, it’s the modifications necessary to allow access to the interior, stabilize and protect its contents, and present the appropriate appearance.
  • 5 Ways to Save Money on your Factory Floor Enclosure
    In the selection of enclosures to use on the factory floor, there are five issues to consider insuring that you choose the most effective, but economical solution for your application.
  • 5 Tips for Insuring Safety with Your Electronics Enclosure Choices
    In an industrial setting the safety of those who work or live nearby can be impacted by poor preparations. With electronic and electrical enclosures, it is important to...
  • 5 Things to Consider When Selecting Enclosures for Energy Applications
    As governments encourage companies to get greener, more company product teams are designing electronics for use in photovoltaic solar power systems, wind turbines and other equipment used in alternative energy.
  • Basics of Enclosure Cooling White Paper
    As electronic and power components are designed into denser, smaller packages, it becomes increasingly important to consider how well how well the equipment dissipates heat.
  • 5 Ways to Save Money and Time on MRO Purchases
    In this economy, no one can afford downtime. With customers ordering products with short time horizons, any delay risks losing that customer as they go to a competitor to meet their needs.
  • A Basics Guide to Cabinets and Enclosures
    By knowing the choices, designers can begin to evaluate their options quickly, so they can focus on selecting the optimum solution...
  • Five Typical Mistakes in Specifying an Outdoor Enclosure
    When dealing with connectivity, the enclosure is an often overlooked component. Yet when looking at the "bigger" picture, connectivity issues often involve the connection between the controller and the equipment to be controlled. As more and more electronic equipment is being used outdoors...
  • Don't Forget: Customized Enclosures Add Value to Your Design
    It is always surprising to me that so few engineers request a customized enclosure for their electronic and electrical devices. Maybe an enclosure is just a box, but it's part of the design and should not be a design afterthought. Many enclosure suppliers are now willing to customize their enclosures to fit your design and application...
  • How to Save Money on Your 19" Cabinet Rack
    In this economy, finding cost savings is more important than ever. Today, to keep projects funded, they have to be rethought and value engineered. Often an area that is overlooked is taking a fresh look at the enclosure requirements. To provide a fresh review, the engineer must consider each of the following topics...
  • Practical Guidelines for Selecting Networking Enclosures
    The design of enclosures to house networking servers, telecommunications equipment and components should be guided by a number of factors. For server racks Servers, in particular, generate a great deal of heat, and an enclosure must...
  • Choosing the Right Material for Your NEMA Enclosure
    Some 25 years ago, NEMA-rated enclosures were used only in electrical applications. Today, as electronics have invaded areas such as factory automation, indoor and outdoor controls, and telecommunications, NEMA is...