Bud Industries, Inc. (hereinafter Bud Industries, Inc. and Bud West are collectively referred to as Bud) guarantees that every item illustrated in its catalog will function properly, when used for the purpose for which it has been designed. Each part has been designed and engineered to give dependable and lasting service. It is guaranteed against mechanical defects. Any unit that is defective, as to material or workmanship, may be returned, freight prepaid, within 1 year from date of manufacture and such item will be replaced, without additional charge.

If upon the inspection at Bud the item is found to be defective, shipping costs will be refunded and replaced parts will be shipped, freight paid, by Bud.

Liability under this warranty is specifically limited to replacement of defective parts manufactured by Bud.
This warranty is the only warranty of Bud. There are no other warranties expressed or implied.

Design Changes

Bud reserves the right to make engineering, material, and model changes on catalog items, without notice.
Bud reserves the right to discontinue any product from its standard line without notice.

Since modifications in design may be made from time to time to improve the utility or design of the product involved, all return items are subject to rejection upon return if they are not the same as the most current design of the item involved, or if they are obsolete. This is without regard to any part number or catalog number involved.


All merchandise is carefully inspected before being taken to our shipping department. In preparing merchandise for shipment each item is again checked and packed in accordance with the most complete and modern shipping methods. Our liability for damage or delay in transit ceases when the shipment is accepted by the forwarder.


All material sold by Bud is sold on a final sale basis only. The only exception to this rule is in the case of either a Bud shipment error or defective goods. All claims should be directed to the Bud Sales representative or the factory.


All orders are non-cancelable.

Choice of Applicable Law

The customer policy, including any and all guarantees and warranties, shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Ohio.