Bud modifies enclosures to your specs in only 5 days
Simple cutouts on most enclosures in stock
Fastest turnaround in the industry

Breathable IP-Rated Vents for Any Enclosure

  • Keep out moisture – ratings up to IP67 (submersible)
  • Prevent gasket failure by equalizing air pressure
  • Avoid condensation by equalizing temperature
  • ePTTE micro-pore structure blocks dust and water droplets

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is quickly replacing silk screening and other methods of adding lettering or logos to an enclosure. That’s because of it’s significantly lower cost, speed of production, and durability;

  • Multiple colors with one pass
  • Clean crisp lines
  • Print high resolution photos
  • Print on any surface

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Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing Challenges In the Covid Era
April 8, 2021 by Blair Haas
I was going to start this blog with the concept that this is a challenging and interesting time to be an electronic enclosure manufacturer, but I am struggling to think back to a time when it has not so been. In my nearly 50 year career with the company, we have dealt with skyrocketing inflation, price controls, the evolution of technology, distributor consolidations and disruptions, the dot-com bust, employee shortages, the great recession, tariffs and, of course, the pandemic.  Many…
Bud’s NBF NEMA 4x Plastic Enclosure Offers Many Advantages
March 24, 2021 by Blair Haas
Among Bud’s broad offerings  in the area of NEMA 4x plastic enclosure, the NBF series is one of our most popular and it’s easy to see why.  With its all plastic construction (including hinges and latches) and with three material options it provides great flexibility for any application.  The materials are ABS plastic – perfect for applications that don’t require full certification but still need protection ABS/Polycarbonate blend – for those indoor installations in a more hazardous environment such as a factory…
New Sizes of Bud's Fiberglass IP67 rated boxes
March 9, 2021 by Blair Haas
Bud’s PTQ series is one of our fastest growing, providing a great price on a NEMA rated IP67 fiberglass box.  We often take a look at product families to see if we can develop ways to improve them but we were stumped on this series since it is such a great product.  We realized the only way to make it better is to offer more sizes so we have now added 15 new sizes to increase our offering to 30. …

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