Bud modifies enclosures to your specs in only 5 days
Simple cutouts on most enclosures in stock
Fastest turnaround in the industry

Breathable IP-Rated Vents for Any Enclosure

  • Keep out moisture – ratings up to IP67 (submersible)
  • Prevent gasket failure by equalizing air pressure
  • Avoid condensation by equalizing temperature
  • ePTTE micro-pore structure blocks dust and water droplets

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is quickly replacing silk screening and other methods of adding lettering or logos to an enclosure. That’s because of it’s significantly lower cost, speed of production, and durability;

  • Multiple colors with one pass
  • Clean crisp lines
  • Print high resolution photos
  • Print on any surface

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New IP68 NEMA 6P Plastic Boxes from Bud Industries
October 26, 2020 by Blair Haas
Those who do not use electronic enclosures must wonder how we can keep adding new products as we just did with the PU Series of IP68 NEMA 6P plastic enclosures.  The uninitiated must figure there are a lot of boxes covering similar sizes, so why add more?  This product provides the perfect explanation of why.  With a plethora of features and a mix of sizes the PU series meets the needs of designers of products with applications in diverse markets…
Election Musings by an Electronic Enclosure Leader
October 6, 2020 by Blair Haas
Every so often, I break up my product driven blog to share some of my thoughts on topics in the world outside of the electronic enclosure.  In the year 2020, we have been buffeted by a presidential impeachment, a world-wide pandemic, economic collapse, protests, and record wild fires and so much more.  Just when you think there cannot be another historic event, another pops up to shock and stun us.  And a big one is just around the corner.  As…
PC Multi-Board  Din Rail Mount Box Now Available
September 24, 2020 by Blair Haas
Bud’s Din Rail Multi-Board enclosures allows up to 3 boards and makes your connections quick and easy Bud Industries has a unique solution to mounting your PC boards on a din rail box.  Our new Din Rail Multi-Board Box is created for rapid assembly and multiple uses, creating the perfect flexible enclosure for an endless number of applications. Helping to ease your assembly process, the unit requires no fasteners, with all components snapping together.  It accepts up to 3 PCB’s,…

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