Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosures & Custom Electrical Enclosures

Let Bud create custom enclosures and custom electrical enclosures for your next design. Our custom enclosures will add value to your product by making them functional, more application-specific, and more distinctive in appearance. Being one of the best at custom-enclosure design support, we can guide you through many aspects of a custom enclosure. Listed are all the elements we support for custom designs.

Digital Printing and Silk Screening

  • Add text and numerical values to knobs and readouts
  • Add branding, even full-color photographs on your custom enclosures
  • Improve function and appearance


  • Pre-assembly of racks and cabinets, including fans, cable organizers, casters, shelves, and doors
  • Pre-assembly of accessories, including interior mounting panels, cable glands, and vents
  • Add value for your customers


  • Holes and cutouts for power, signal I/O, buttons, indicators and readouts
  • Bud’s 5-Day Modifications program is the fastest in the industry
  • Your custom enclosure arrives precisely cut and ready to use

Custom Colors

  • Bud has a powder coating line that can match your brand color.
  • Special finishes
  • Make your custom enclosures standout.

Special Packaging

  • Bud can pack with custom enclosures: warranty cards, marketing literature, invoices, accessories.


  • Add EMI/RFI shielding to plastic enclosures

Fully Custom Enclosures
Bud is able to build racks and metal box enclosures from scratch to your exact requirements. Often we can reconfigure and heavily modify stock components to achieve the same results at a lower cost.

We can assist in the custom enclosures design, saving you time and money by through our expert engineering support.
We use SolidWorks® to create solid models for visual depiction, accuracy, and to facilitate automated processing.