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Cabinet Racks, Communications Racks, 19-inch Server Racks, Equipment Racks.

Made from welded steel or aluminum, and coming in many stocked sizes and styles, our selection of equipment racks and cabinets will help protect and simplify the integration of your project. Designed for maximum airflow and easy installation, our racks and cabinets help your equipment run reliably for their full-service life.

Choose from a wide selection of optional accessories, such as ventilated and glass doors, fan trays, cable management, shelves, and casters.

From our cabinet racks and open relay racks, to our communications racks and server racks, many of our racks and cabinets come fully loaded with accessories for less than other suppliers charge for a basic rack and cabinet.

For more information on selecting the right cabinet or rack for your application, get our Basics Guide to Cabinets and Enclosures.

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Ideal for housing data centers, telecom systems, AV equipment, and rack test systems

Whatever your electronics, we have an equipment rack for it.

  • IT equipment from switches to servers
  • communication systems
  • audio and video equipment
  • rack test systems

We have dozens of product series ranging from small table-top racks to open racks to large cabinet racks. Every size and model is designed to keep your equipment secure, organized, ventilated, and easy to access.

What is an equipment rack in networking?

An equipment rack for networking equipment is a frame to which patch panels, switches, routers, and small servers may be mounted. The width of the rack and the mounting holes conform to industry standards. Both two-post and four-post racks are used. Open frame equipment racks may be seen in IT rooms and networking closets. In data centers, the racks are more likely to be enclosed and cooled. Because networking involves so many cables, many racks have cable organizers. Other accessories include chassis, shelves, power strips, fan trays, and doors.

Equipment racks for other equipment

Besides networking and communications equipment, audio visual (AV) equipment, scientific instruments, and test systems are also rack mounted. For AV installations, a two-post rack is the most affordable option, but it must be mounted to the floor or the wall. Test racks and instrument racks are generally mounted on casters, so they can be moved easily to locations within crowded factories and labs.

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