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Modified Enclosures Or Custom Enclosures – What is the Difference?
May 26, 2021 by Blair Haas
Bud has many successes in creating custom enclosures One of the questions we are asked quite often is what is the difference between a modified enclosure and a custom enclosure and does Bud do both?  While Bud does do both, there can be significant difference in cost and lead time between them  First, a modified enclosure typically means that the product is a standard enclosure to which specific operations have been performed such as adding holes, slots, or cutouts to…
Historic Small Aluminum Box still Relevant today
May 6, 2021 by Blair Haas
The Bud Minibox is a small aluminum box with a simple design For many people, especially those engineers who are older than the Millennials, the name Bud Industries is synonymous with a small aluminum box that snaps together that we call a mini-box, but they know as a Budbox.   Before the raspberry pi era, budding (no pun intended) engineers and hobbyists were delighted to get their hands on a “budbox” to enclose their latest project.  This product was originally created…
Electronic Enclosure Manufacturing Challenges In the Covid Era
April 8, 2021 by Blair Haas
I was going to start this blog with the concept that this is a challenging and interesting time to be an electronic enclosure manufacturer, but I am struggling to think back to a time when it has not so been. In my nearly 50 year career with the company, we have dealt with skyrocketing inflation, price controls, the evolution of technology, distributor consolidations and disruptions, the dot-com bust, employee shortages, the great recession, tariffs and, of course, the pandemic.  Many…

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