Breathable IP-Rated Vents for Any Enclosure

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Keep Moisture Out

Vents on enclosures provide passive airflow and allow heat to escape. The tradeoff is that moisture can enter the enclosure. In environments that experience large temperature swings, this can allow damaging condensation.Bud IP-rated vents use an e-PTFE membrane that repels water but permits airflow to equalize air temperature. Its microporous structure has pores 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water.Protect your designs from condensation, rain, washdown, and oil, all while maintaining your enclosure’s IP rating, even up to IP67 (submersible). Watch what happens when we dunk a vented enclosure underwater.

Prevent Gasket Failure

A sealed enclosure provides environmental protection for the electronics inside. That protection can be compromised by changes in air pressure that can eventually cause the gasket to fail. Once the seal is compromised, what used to be a waterproof enclosure becomes vulnerable to moisture ingress and the damage that follows.Breathable IP-rated enclosure vents allow air pressure to equalize, while preserving your enclosure's IP rating.

Block Dust

Moisture isn't the only threat to electronic enclosures. Dust can enter through tiny openings and build up on components, trapping heat and providing unintended conductive pathways. IP-rated vents block harmful dust while allowing passive airflow. These dust-proof vents fit any brand enclosure and are value priced.

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IP-rated vents come in a variety of sizes, in round and rectangular designs. Round vents are IP67-rated and rectangular vents are IP65-rated, both of which are rarely seen in enclosures. These revolutionary vents are value priced, easy to install, and integrate well with both metal and plastic enclosures. For optimal performance, vents should be used in pairs on opposite sides of the enclosure.