Custom Enclosures

Custom Electronic Enclosures

Let Bud create custom enclosures and custom electrical enclosures for your next design. Our custom enclosures will add value to your product by making them fit your application exactly.

Custom enclosure design and molding of plastic enclosures

  • Although Bud carries most enclosures in a wide variety of styles and sizes, your application may require special dimensions or features not available in a stock enclosure. Bud has the capability to create CAD files, castings, and coordinate the manufacturing from start to finish. Then Bud can precisely add cutouts and other modifications, offering a turnkey, single-source experience. Of course, the lead times on custom molding are longer than for a standard product.

Custom enclosure material

  • If your chosen enclosure series is not offered with the UV rating or flammability rating that you need, Bud can custom formulate the plastic to meet your specifications. Custom plastic colors are also available.

Custom racks and cabinet racks

  • Bud is able to build racks from scratch to your exact requirements. Our craftspersons can also help with the design, drawing upon generations of experience supplying the telecom, controls, and communications industries. They understand the requirements of air flow, weight, and spacing. Common features of custom enclosures are unusual shapes, special drawers, and special door locations, but every design is unique.

Custom metal box enclosures

  • Bud has all the equipment needed to bend and weld steel or aluminum to create custom electrical enclosures of your specified shape, size and design. Because this work is done at our factory domestically, we offer tight control over quality and excellent lead times. Once the box is fabricated, it can be modified like any stock product, including custom openings, colors, digital printing, accessories, and assembly.

Expert Design Engineering

  • You save time and money by utilizing Bud’s expert engineering support. We use SolidWorks® to create solid models for visual depiction, accuracy, and to facilitate automated processing. Designs will consider manufacturability, cost, and ease of installation. Our team includes experts in mechanical design, manufacturing, logistics, and service who collectively have hundreds of years of expertise.