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Board-ganizer Enclosure Kit

The Board-ganizer offers a unique work-space organizing platform for the rapidly growing community of electronics makers and developers.

The innovative enclosure lets you easily combine bread boards, printed circuit boards, and microcomputers. Attach your boards using adhesive-backed rubber feet. Then fold the enclosure into a cube so that all boards are side by side. The fold-or-flatten design allows easy wiring and storage as a cube.

Kit includes four side panels, two covers, hinge pins and adhesive rubber feet.

The Board-ganizer works with development boards and microcomputers such as the RaspberryPi, Olimex, Freescale Freedom Board, Arduino, and Beagle Board. (All trademarks belong to their respective holders.)


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Board-ganizer Enclosure Kit BG-32618

Board-ganizer Enclosure Kit
Model # BG-32618
External Size L x W x D: 5.00" x 5.00" x 3.50"