Congratulations on buying one of Bud’s revolutionary BudStackRack racks. Here how to do the assembly.

Carefully unpack the carton. We recommend if you’re building this on a table that you put down cardboard or some type of protection.

Sort all of the pieces including the hardware so you can easily find them using the legends on the instruction sheet.

Install four clip nuts in each end of the four pieces of the 44-BMBT cross beams, so eight per beam. Start with the clips in the cutouts on the side. Slightly open the clip nuts so they can slide in, and be sure the thickest part of the clip nut is on the inside.

Stand up the sides and use the screw #7346 to attach the first cross beam to the side using the two side holes first. Note each end of the cross beam is slightly different, so you may need to flip the cross beam to ensure it aligns properly.

Repeat with all four cross beams. Do not fully tighten the screws until the end of the installation. Continue to attach the cross beam by installing all of the screws to the mounting holes in the flange.

Once the four are installed, flip the unit so the legs are pointing into the air, attach the other side, line up the cross beams, attach the four screws for each cross beam, and now tighten all of the screws, and that’s it.

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