The Bud stack rack, the BSR44BT is an innovative rack that is the ideal solution for today’s needs. In a time of high transportation costs, it ships completely knocked down in a two-inch tall carton and weighs only 18 pounds, yet with an assembly time of less than 15 minutes. Using a Philips head screwdriver, logistic problems become a thing of the past. The innovations continue with its unique mounting flange configuration that allows for either a 17.5-inch 10U or 21-inch 12U panel space with just the flip of the rack. 19-Inch EIA is available not only on the front and rear but also on the top and bottom. If you need more space, multiple units can easily be stacked and fixed on top of each other creating a secure rack with up to 70 inches of panel space. They can also be daisy chained next to each other for cross-rack wiring. Its open design allows for uninterrupted airflow to cool all internal components and it can hold up to 300 pounds. It also holds virtually all of Bud’s 19-inch rack mount components from shelves to power outlet strips. The BSR44BT is in stock at your favorite Bud distributor, and you can check the Bud website for further details or call us at 440-926-3200, or chat with us on our website