Bud Industries is proud to introduce our state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities as a part of our rapidly growing modified product offerings. Digital printing is quickly replacing silk screening or other methods of adding lettering or logos to the product given its speed of production, improved quality, durability, and price. Among the many amazing features of our digital printing capabilities are the following: We have the ability to print on any surface, plastic metal, clear, or opaque. We have the ability to produce multiple shades of the same color for multiple colors with one pass of the printhead. We have the ability to print a white background or even omit the background and the ability to run crisp clear lines of solid color. We also have the ability to perfectly print letters and numbers even with smaller funds with no waviness. The ability to maintain a high-resolution photo showing great details, perfect for all of your important logos and directions. Notice the clarity on the screen door or even the small details that you see on this breadboard. You can even see through this plexiglass door photo on the small cabinet seeing the internal components.

Contact bud industries or your favorite local but distributor for more details and to receive a quotation on all of your modification work on Bud’s extensive line of industry-leading enclosures thank you.