Bud Industries is very proud to announce its new FBE Fast Bend Panel Bender. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment provides the finest in quality at a speed that is an industry standard. The operator only has to download the drawings, which are instantly changed into programs, and the tooling, which is always installed, is instantly selected, reducing set-up times from 30 to 40 minutes on standard brakes to as little as a minute.

The product is then loaded, in this case a typically hard-to-manage perforated door. The FBE expertly makes two bends on the long side and immediately prepares for the bends on the short side. As seen in the shot from behind, the product is secured into place and the bends are rapidly and accurately created.

Not only are these complex products produced to exacting and consistent standards, but the reduced set-up time means that short runs are now as economical as long runs, improving throughput and reducing cost.

Bud continues to provide industry-leading leadership in the production of all sizes of electronic enclosures; standard, modified and custom. For more information contact us at 440-946-3200. We’re at saleseast@budind.com.