Bud Industries is proud to introduce the PIP Series of NEMA enclosures. They are made from polycarbonate with a base that is ten percent glass fibers. This provides a perfect blend of impact resistance with strength and consistency. The user can have complete confidence that components will fit from run to run as the glass fibers reduce shrinkage and vulnerability that can happen with polycarbonate alone. This enclosure meets IP67 ratings which means it even can be submerged for short periods of time, and it is UL508 NEMA 4x and 6 Listed. The material is UV stabilized UL94-VO flammability rated, making it perfect for both indoor or outdoor applications from factory floors to the rugged outdoors. It is designed with non-metallic captive screws that avoid the risk of stripping. It also has a continuous gasket that ensures a long-term consistent seal. Available in eight sizes ranging from roughly 5 x 3 x 1.4 inches to 10 x 7 x 5 inches with either an opaque or transparent lid. It also has optional internal steel panels in either stainless steel or plastic mounting brackets, all at a price that is significantly lower than the competition.

The PIP Series is in stock at your local Bud distributor today. If you have any questions please check out our website at www.budind.com, email us at saleseast@budind.com, or call us at 440-946-3200.